worm gearboxes

Worm Gearboxes

Worm drives can be used in many applications, including requirements of a right angle type setup or double output unit and/or double input. Tramec is one of the only brands that manufacture a double output worm gearbox such as the V series.

worm gearbox

X-H Series

X series providing the well known worm and wheel setup. The H series with the same & an added spur gear on input for the prestage.

worm gearbox

K Series

K series is the round version of the worm gearboxes range. It is available only with the compact input connection.

Combined worm

Combined Worm Gearboxes

Similar to an inline dual gearbox setup, but for worm drives. Combined worm gearboxes are available in series: KX, XX and KK.

Double output Worm

Double Output Worm

Also known as the “V” Series. Tramec are one of the only companies that manufacture a double output worm gearbox with the output shafts running parallel with each

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