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World Solar Car Challenge takes on Additive Manufacturing

We are excited to have been involved with the manufacture of these fully optimized  suspension components for Deakins world Solar car challenge design, and are looking forward to the event next year. Creating a lightweight fully optimised solution in paramount to the success of these suspension uprights really enabled by AM and our DMP Process.

“Deakin University in conjunction with ACCIONA have embarked on developing a solar car to compete in the WSC cruiser division and provide a possible solution to the issue of range that is present in current EV’s. Through the use of generative design, empowered by additive manufacturing, we were able to realise lightweight and strong designs. Amiga was a key partner in the success of the front suspension uprights through their willingness to take the risk on complex components as well as lend their expertise in 3D metal printing.”



  • Equipment: 3d Systems ProX DMP 320, for best possible mechanical structure
  • Material: Ti6Al4v Gr. 23
  • Layer: 30 Micron
  • Post Process: SRHT
  • Unique to Amiga
  • Critical features were post machined to high accuracy, and our dynamic jigs and fixtures were SLS 3d printed to aid the precisions machining in our customised 100% Recycled Nylon creating a zero waste manufacturing loop.
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