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Working Class Man

September 29th, 2015

Hello World, Dee here, how has everyone been?

I was talking to some parents at a BBQ we were at on the weekend, about Australian manufacturing and the decline that we are going through at the moment across our industries. It then reminded me of Jimmy Barnes’ song “For the Working Class Man” (released in 1985), which was also used in the movie “Working Class Man” with Michael Keaton (Released in 1986). It is one of the greatest power ballads Australia ever produced.

Jimmy Barnes

This song is a story about the working class industry, manual labour, a hard worker striving to support their family. Jimmy sings: “He’s a steel town disciple, he’s a legend of his kind” The song refers to the hard labours of the steel industry too, which is what Amiga Engineering was born into.

Working Class Man

The lyrics of the song continue to say “He did his time in Vietnam, still angry at Uncle Sam” which also brings about that Australia was thrust into the Vietnam War without high justification. However Aussies will always be there to support their own and fight the good fight for what we believe in.

Working Class

Working Class Man is such an inspirational song and fits in superbly with what is happening with Aussie manufacturing at the moment. The movie, if you have seen it, is even more fitting in regards to the copying of products and how international countries have, and will, try to take over the production of manufactured goods. It also reminds us of what happened with Ford, Toyota and Holden. Working Class Man (Also known as Gung Ho) portrays a single man trying to support his own town and the product that they manufacture.

Working CLass Man poster

Australian manufacturing is the pinnacle of our country’s livelihood and should be held up strong by our nation. Working Class Man is the story that we are all living today.

Working Class Man today

Companies are closing down around Australia, because we don’t have the support that is essential. It would be great if every city or local town had a Michael Keaton, or character like Hunt Stevenson, to help them through and convince everyone, including the Government, to actually sustain and maintain the assistance that Aussie manufacturing, small business and local business needs.

All Local Business and Small Business need a Hunt Stevenson

All Local Business and Small Business need a Hunt Stevenson

If the Government could focus and be proactive, instead of reactive, to the countries needs, then it gives everyone a chance at a higher success rate. Where is the small business help and local business help? Supporting cheap imports over the Australian product is not the way to go people! So before you choose to purchase the cheap quick import that only last a year if your lucky, stop yourself and think, am I making the right choice? Am I supporting my own, to help the future of my children and grand children? Be a Hunt Stevenson and try to help your town and local business in any way possible.

Love our Local Business

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