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Wake up Australia

August 7th, 2015

Hello world, Dee here, hope you’re excited for a good weekend ahead?

Yesterday I was talking to a supplier on the phone and I happen to trip myself up with words, when this happens I tend to say, out loud and to myself, “Hello Australia” or “Wakeup Australia”

And it usually puts a smile on the other end of the phone or gives them a giggle 🙂 Hahahahah

It's time to wake up Australia!

It’s time to wake up Australia!

This particular time I said “Wakeup Australia”, which made me think to myself “hey, yes, Australia does need to wakeup!” Australia needs to wake up and take action to support their local business, small business, Aussie products, Aussie exports and keep jobs going in Australia!

Wake up Australia! We need to put more focus and attention towards our own country. Wake up Australia! We have all the resources we need to keep business’ afloat.

Wake up Australia

Help support local business and small business!

It’s funny though, because when you ‘Google’ “Wakeup Australia” you get results such as: Life Insurance in Australia, Tickets for book writers’ tours, and online booking centers for hotel deals around Australia. Now this isn’t what I would call “waking up Australia”. Although the images on google when you type this in, are amazing, motivational and inspirational!

Where’s the passion for our local business? Where’s the fight for our local small business? Where’s the winning battle of Australian goods over cheap knock offs? Wake up Australia! We should be wanting to keep jobs going in Australia, we should be wanting to keep Aussie brands and products alive! We need to be tough and we need to encourage our country’s manufactured goods!

buy local

Wake up Australia, before it is too late. How do you know you’re actually getting the best deal, unless you pick up the phone and call a local vendor.

I read something the other day on

 “the customer who doesn’t make a purchase in some small way rejects your business…and therefore, by extension, rejects you” It almost sounds a little harsh, however the writer goes on to say: “put aside price/value calculations and rational market theory and survival of the fittest and take a chance on a new or struggling entrepreneur. Buy a few items from a local father or pop. Hire the small restaurant down the road to cater a non-critical event. Call a new vendor and ask for a quote”.

My favourite line I read was: “Pick a small business and give it a chance!” so Wake up Australia and support your locals

Amiga Engineering™ Pty Ltd supports local business, do you?

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