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October 20th, 2015

Hello World, Dee here. Did everyone have a good weekend?

We took our little one to the Melbourne Victory vs. Melbourne City match on Saturday 17th October.

Originally I couldn’t get tickets, except for the “Nose Bleed” section – Level 3. I kept trying on ticketmaster though, and eventually I was able to get Level 2 tickets.

Victory vs City

We arrived at Etihad Stadium, and WOW what a great atmosphere! Victory scored 1 goal in the first half, and then a second just after half time. Then City scored 2 goals in a space of 10 minutes! As the clock was counting down, it got to the 87th minute; when Hubby turned to me and said, “Maybe we should leave.” Little treasure and I refused, as there was only 3 minutes left. Then all of a sudden, Victory scored their winning goal!

Victory crowd

What I liked most about the atmosphere, was the support from the fans. Especially when watching the cheer squads for Melbourne Victory. Their chants and hand actions were a sight to see. The cheering and encouragement make you feel pumped. I know when Victory scored their last goal on the 90th minute, I jumped up and started swinging my scarf around, and hubby and little one were jumping for joy as the crowd chanted the tune of “7 Nation Army” by White Stripes.

Victory won 3-2, and it was an exciting match, however it almost seemed as though our players were scared to score from outside the goal square. When you watch international teams play, or EPL games, the strikers will ‘take a shot’ whenever possible. They don’t wait until they are 5 feet away from the goal square. I think Victory could have won by a lot more, however they waited too long to take a shot. In saying this though, it goes to show that Melbournians will back their teams anyway. It shows that encouragement and support can lift the hearts of players, if they know their town or city is backing them.

Support Aussie Local Business

When you have support and reinforcement of your actions, it can help you strive for more. Just like Local business’ and small business’ need encouragement and confidence. Aussie manufacturing needs loyalty and certainty behind them, so that they can further succeed. Before the Victory vs. City match started, the crowd stood up and sang “Stand by Me”, just like the Port Adelaide AFL matches. It was fantastic! It was uplifting and it was inspiring. As the lyrics suggest; if the world was to be shattered, everything will be ok because “you” are by my side.’ Well, you know what? Aussie manufacturing, local and small business need to feel the same. If we had more people to stand by our side, to strengthen, to build up supporters and to cheer on our products; it would help persuade others to follow suit.


C’mon people! Support your locals and small business, like we support our sport teams. Without Australian manufacturing, we are a nation of incapability. Yes, we need to improve in certain areas, but we cannot do this without the cheer and confidence from our fellow society. So, step aboard the ‘Support Train’ and back your Aussie manufacturing team!

Amiga Engineering Pty Ltd supports local business, do you?

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