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Timeless Classic

July 10th, 2015

Hello World!

Dee here, has everyone had a good week so far? TGIF hey? The weekend that just passed, my hubby and I took our little treasure horse riding, while he’s on school holidays. We went horse riding at Ryders in Labertouche (passed Bunyip). It was a fair drive away, my hubby said something that is so true. We were listening to some CD’s and Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” came on.

Michael Jackson a Timeless Classic

Michael Jackson a Timeless Classic

It was funny because we’re bopping along and doing some arm dancing in the car. Hubby turns to us and says “See you don’t hear music like this anymore, Michael Jackson was ahead of his time for sure” You know what? This is very true. The beat and rhythms that Michael Jackson has in the background has carried forward to present day ‘House’ music and ‘RnB’ even remixes. Thriller was made in 1982, this is 33 years ago! The beats still carry on and his songs are so popular, because they are beats and rhythms that are used now. (Click below image to see a perfect example of car dancing, it will take you to another display window)


I remember when I was younger and was out at clubs and bars, and a “Classic” song would come one, the crowd would all cheer and you can almost hear them all saying “OMG I loooove this song” or “OMG I haven’t heard this son in aaages yayyyyyyy”. Even Men At Work’s song “Land Down Under” this was made in 1983, this is 32 years ago, and if you ever hear it being played in a pub the crowds still get excited. There are plenty more songs that follow suit, because these bands or singers were ahead of their time, it’s like they could almost see what would still be popular for the future. Don’t get me wrong, there are still some new songs that are as good as these Classics, however they are not as common.

You might like a certain song for a few weeks, but then you can easily get sick of them. Even ACDC hits, they will always have crowds and audiences cheering for their songs, because they pump you up. They energise you, which is why I think the AFL used “It’s a long way to the top” in 2012, and I know when the AFL adds came on in that year, I always rushed to the T.V to watch and hear it…because it gets you pumped. Who knew rocking around in an old school uniform would become a great costume too?

ACDCSchool of Rock

This brings me back to thinking about our Genat and Wood gearboxes. They were first manufactured in 1976, and are still found running smoothly today. 1976 was 39 years ago, so to have a pure, good old Aussie gearbox, is worth your while – almost purely for their longevity. The longevity of our Aussie gearboxes is superior to others because of the quality. Australian quality has been ahead of it’s time. Our gearboxes have kept almost the same shape or design as 39 years ago. This is because when Genat & Wood Pty Ltd was established, the original designers and manufacturers were thinking ahead. They knew that this design will be a timeless classic.

Finest Inline Helical Gearboxes

Genat & Wood™ Pty Ltd

So why not buy a timeless classic Aussie product, that will last for over 30 years, instead of buying a cheap knock-off or cheap quick buys?

Amiga Engineering supports local business, do you?

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