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They can Imitate, But Can’t Duplicate

November 24th, 2015

Hello World, Dee here, how is everyone?

I was taking my little treasure to school the other day, when “Dessert-Dawin’s” song came on the radio. I like it because the beat is catchy and my little treasure and I were bopping along.

I thought the lyrics: “They can imitate you but they can’t duplicate you” is absolutely true in regards to people, and in regards to product!

Hahaha, I bet you were thinking “where is she going with this…”


Dawin goes on to sing… “’cause you got something special…” usually that’s why people or companies are trying to imitate you, because they believe there is something extraordinary that they think others may want.What made me laugh is that no matter how hard, people and companies can duplicate looks of a product, however they cannot duplicate the quality! This is where Australian quality will not fail, it will actually supersede any “throw away” or cheap import product. They can imitate, but can’t duplicate the quality and longevity of product.  As they saying goes…”You can’t beat Aussie quality”.

ice cream

We had some people over for dinner the other day, and it came time for dessert: some Neopolitan ice-cream and cones. It was delicious. I had a look at the type of ice-cream it was, because it was the same as the one in our freezer, only a different brand. The one my sister-in law brought was “Australian Made”. Hubby and I looked at each other and said…”Yep, that’s why it tastes better!” and of course, the next day, all the chocolate ice cream was gone.

Isn’t it funny, even the smallest thing such as ice-cream, tastes better because it’s Australian Made! You can’t beat high Aussie quality goods.

Buy Fresh Buy Local

We need to support our local farmers as these are the fellows that produce the elements of our Aussie foods and produce. We need to support our local manufacturers as these are the fellows that manufacture and supply the parts and machinery to help create the produce. We need to support each other and help keep our goods alive.

I read something the other day and it made me stop and think…”They say imitation is a form of flattery but honey, it’s time to get your own ideas” – my food for thought for you all for the rest of the week.

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