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Welcome to a new era of firearm control and precision with Amiga’s exceptional suppressors. Proudly Australian-made, our suppressors embody innovation, quality, and unmatched performance. Leveraging the revolutionary Amiga DMP Metal 3D Printing technology, each suppressor is a testament to precision engineering and forward-thinking manufacturing.

Experience the advantage of lightweight design without compromising on durability or effectiveness. Meeting and exceeding MIL-Spec standards, Amiga suppressors are your ultimate solution for reduced recoil, noise suppression, and increased shooting accuracy.

Join the ranks of discerning marksmen who demand nothing but the best. Elevate your shooting experience with Amiga Suppressors – where Australian craftsmanship meets cutting-edge technology for unparalleled excellence.”

Unleash Your Potential on the range or in the field – Feel the Difference with Amiga.

Whether you’re a seasoned marksman or a Defence professional, our suppressors redefine your capabilities. With a fusion of groundbreaking technology and time-honoured craftsmanship, each shot resonates with precision and power. Step into the future of shooting prowess with Amiga’s Australian Made Suppressors.

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australian made silencer


Amiga’s suppressors stand out for their utilization of Amiga’s groundbreaking DMP Metal 3D Printing technology. This innovative manufacturing process ensures precision, consistency, and reliability in every suppressor, setting a new industry standard for quality and performance.

australian made suppressor


When you choose Amiga, you’re supporting Australian ingenuity and expertise. Each suppressor is proudly crafted on Australian soil, reflecting a commitment to local manufacturing and fostering national pride while delivering world-class firearm accessories.

metal 3d printed suppressor


Amiga suppressors are engineered to excel under the harshest conditions. Built to exceed MIL-Spec standards, they offer a remarkable combination of lightweight design and exceptional durability. Experience reduced recoil, superior noise suppression, and heightened shooting accuracy that elevates your marksmanship to a whole new level.

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Method of Manufacture: DMP
Metal Additive Manufacturing
Gas Back Pressure Minimization: Designed to minimize gas back pressure or ‘gassing’ of the shooter.
Reliability and Consistency: Ensures cycling and ejection reliability and consistency, maintaining peak performance.
Muzzle Velocity Maintenance: Maintains muzzle velocity to optimize ballistic performance.
Rate of Fire Consistency: Ensures consistent rate of fire, critical for rapid engagements.
Low Point of Impact Changes: Minimizes changes in point of impact, facilitating quick target transitions.
Sight Retention: Maintains sight alignment during suppressed firing.


Signature Reduction: Meets MIL-STD-1474E for signature reduction.
Impressive Sound Reduction: Achieves a 29-35 dB reduction in noise (model dependent)
Versatile Mounting Options: Available in both quick-detach and solid-mount versions for user preference.
Compliance with MIL-STD-1474E-Final-15APR2015: Tested and compliant with military standards.


Caliber Compatibility: Designed for 5.56 M4 with a 14″ NATO barrel and 7.62 DMR with a 15″ NATO barrel.
Compact Design: Short units are lightweight and ideal for centerfire rifles.
Mount Style (556 Model): Features the SM Solid Mount with a 1/2″ 28 UNEF thread, weighing only 312 grams (11 oz).
Dimensions: Measures 182mm length and 43mm diameter for the short unit.
Mount Style (762 Model): Features the SM Solid Mount with a 5/8″ 24 UNEF thread, weighing only 350grams (12.4 oz).
Dimensions: Measures 225mm length and 44mm diameter (Mid)
Custom made suppressors for Sniper signature reduction (338 + 350)


In the realm of Defence, effective sound suppression often comes with the challenge of gas management. Addressing this concern, Amiga has pioneered a breakthrough solution. Through meticulous engineering, Amiga has succeeded in minimising gas flow from the suppressor, all while maintaining optimal sound reduction capabilities.

This innovation ensures that the operational dynamics of Defence equipment remain unaffected while achieving the desired noise reduction results. With Amiga’s cutting-edge approach, the balance between gas control and acoustic performance is seamlessly achieved, setting a new standard for superior suppressor technology in the Defence sector.

High Strength: Inconel 718 exhibits exceptional strength properties, ensuring the durability and reliability of defense equipment even in demanding conditions.

Compatibility: Its compatibility with existing Defence systems facilitates seamless integration and upgrades without compromising performance.

Reduced Weight: Inconel 718’s high strength-to-weight ratio contributes to lightweight Defence solutions without sacrificing structural integrity.

Critical Component Support: Inconel 718 is often used in critical Defence components like turbine blades, where reliability is paramount.

Longevity: The material’s ability to withstand wear, fatigue, and extreme conditions ensures the longevity of Defence assets, reducing maintenance and replacement costs.

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