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Hello world, Dee here…

It’s been some time since I’ve written up an article or piece…only to see what is out there and to soak up what is around us. Also, our company has incorporated new technology to keep manufacturing alive in our industry, and to help incorporate new product and services to Australia. So I may have been caught up a bit with that…

If you haven’t heard already, our company Amiga Engineering is the only privately-owned commercial service bureau for Metal Additive Manufacturing (Metal 3D Printing). This is a new implemented side of our business that has physically been added to our company. A new laboratory has been built within our in-house machine factory, by inspired influential individuals & leaders; that also helped build up the data knowledge and wisdom for this specific niche for our company. I think the leaders involved in this are a form of superhero. They daringly stepped out into the ‘unknown’ and helped create a new and exciting field added to the manufacturing and machining sector.

Metal 3D Superhero
                        Metal 3D Superhero

There are already existing sectors that dabble in Metal Additive Manufacturing (but not at a public or commercial level), and yes, you may be thinking “But I’ve heard of other companies in Australia that do metal 3d printing…” you are correct in a sense – they offer the service and can have your product made, however the metal printing itself or manufacture of the metal parts is actually outsourced overseas. So my question to you is, why outsource overseas, when you can now utilize a company within Australia? We have had some amazing interest in our new capability, and the extraordinary point of coming to Amiga Engineering is that we can also provide post processing of metal 3d printed parts within the same facility. We actually have a hugely versatile in-house machine shop that provides fabrication, manual machining, CNC machining, wash grinding and much much more.

When working with or coming to Amiga Engineering for Metal 3d Printing, you are not only supporting this astonishing technology for your local business in Australia, but you are also supporting your local machinists, welders, fitters and turners and manufacturer.

I came across an article that had a small note or example from a gentleman’s own book he has written about leaders… I liked what he wrote (the small portion that I read), and of course there are always going to be different opinions on the matter. I read comments that were noted by others who came across the same article. I agreed with what some said, and I disagreed with what others said.

The comment I wrote myself on the article is below:

Leaders are innovative, and when they rush towards the unknown, I think they actually do a bit of research first…so technically it’s not the “unknown” …but I guess to an outsider it can seem like it. Leaders in business do what they can to keep a business running – exploring and instilling new ideas and technology. Leaders are inspiring with their bravery and ability to keep a business alive in a difficult or changing industry. Leaders are heroes in their own unique way, a leader is someone that you can look up to and can turn to for information, advice and knowledge. I have heard of and have seen too many companies shut down over the recent years in our industry – not due to poor/bad leadership – but because of the poor/bad support from industry. Through unfair playing fields and uneven competition. I’m focusing and relating to the Australian Manufacturing industry. A leader only exists when you have a ‘follower’. The definition for follower is “a person who supports and admires a particular person or set of ideas”. I believe that support, backing, encouragement and collaboration work hand in hand with leadership. You can’t have one without the other. For a great leader, we also need great support.

So I encourage all of you who have read this, to please see what you can do to support your local manufacturer and leaders in industry.

Also, have a look at our websites www.amigaeng.com.au and www.metal3d.com.au to see if there is something we can help you with.


Amiga Engineering Pty Ltd Supports Local Business, Do You?

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