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Star Wars

December 23rd, 2015

Hello world, Dee here. This will be my last blog for the year of 2015, I will ofcourse be back in 2016!

Hubby and I took our lil treasure to see Star Wars the Force Awakens on the weekend…don’t worry I won’t spoil it if you haven’t seen it. It was fantastic though, it was great how they did it, and I’m definitely looking forward to the next one!


One of the main reasons I really enjoyed Episode V11 is that they brought back all the original characters played by the original actors/actresses, and ofcourse some new ones.

It was great how it was set 10 years down the track from Episode V1, and they showed little snippets of past ships etc so that the original Star Wars were intertwined with this new storyline.

It was great seeing the original faces of the past, and it made me think back to recent movies that have also been released this year – “Terminator” and “Creed”. These were some of my favourites too because these all had original actors/actress in them too. Terminator had classic Arnie, Creed had the classic hero Stallone (training Apollo Creed’s son) and Star Wars had the timeless Princess Leia, Han Solo, Chewbacca, C3PO and old faithful R2D2.

old faithful r2d2

This train of thought made me start thinking about how great it would be to have past customers of ours re-think their strategies of using the unforgettable and timeless Genat and Wood industrial gearboxes of ours for their applications.

train of thought

Wouldn’t it also be great if all Australian manufacturing products made a huge “Come-Back” just like all the original casts did for the movies I just mentioned? Wouldn’t it be great to see original Aussie products, with high-end quality being supported and bought again within Australia? Wouldn’t it be great if our Aussie government pushed for original high quality Aussie products too?

I believe everyone (including the Australian Government, Australian customers, Large Corporations in Australia doing business, and local Aussie communities; need to re-think their priorities, at least for a fresh start in the new year of 2016.

Support Aussie Local BusinessPrint

Does anyone else agree?

Before the latest Star Wars was released in the cinemas; hubby, little one and I watched all 6 previous movies. I forgot that R2D2 was actually originally Darth Vader’s droid (from when he was a child). It’s amazing how one little droid has lasted for so long, endured so much, yet works perfectly well, and you wouldn’t want to change a thing.

original cast

This makes me think about our Australian Made manufactured products. Buy a genuine Australian Made product, they can last for decades – this is a fact, as our history shows that our brand “Genat and Wood” last and run for more than 30 years!

Why would people push for/support inferior products that are no where near as durable as this? Why wouldn’t you want to support your local business that has a product that can last for so long, and in the end reduce costs, as need for replacements are not needed as frequently?

I come from the land down underAust Political promises

If companies are price driven, why wouldn’t you pay 1 charge at a higher cost that lasts for decades, instead of paying a cheaper price, and paying this charge every year or so?

This is a question that I still do not understand, and maybe will never understand, however our community, our country and our Government eventually need to realise that this is how you can support small/local business, and this is how you can support your district.

This is how you can cut costs for your company, and this is how you help sustain Australian infrastructure.

when we stand together

And on this note, I hope to leave you thinking about this topic for a while…atleast until next year (2016) all fellow followers.

Thankyou for your support and thankyou for backing your local business by reading our blog.

Have a Magical Christmas, Happy New Year, and safe holidays!

Merry Christmas

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