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Gearbox Breakdown

Gearbox Repairs & Refurbishment

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Are you part of the Maintenance Crew for your gearboxes, mixers, stirrers or shredders?

Are you part of the Engineering Crew for your gearboxes, aerators or pumps?

Do you have a backup system in place for an Emergency or Breakdown situation?

If you have a gearbox breakdown or emergency situation and you need help, contact Amiga Engineering™.

If you do not have a backup system for your Gearbox products, then call Amiga Engineering™ Pty Ltd. We can help you with a solution for this challenge; by offering a quote for spare gearboxes to put in place whilst your broken down gearbox is being repaired.

Maintenance Manuals come in handy in this situation if you prefer to repair them yourselves.
Amiga Engineering™ keeps a high level of spare parts on our shelves specifically for these situations (if you do not have a spare gearbox on site).

Maintenance manuals contain information about lubrication, GA drawings, spare parts lists and diagrams and much more.

What we need from you is the serial number of the gearbox and any other details from the name tag attached to the unit.

genat and wood manual
gearbox overhaul
gearbox overhaul

Amiga Engineering not only repair/overhaul our genuine brand of industrial gearboxes, but also other brands. With the large scale capabilities of our fully versatile workshop, we are able to strip large units and small units.

Amiga are known for manufacturing the ‘wierd and wonderful’, so we can also repair the customised ‘wierd and wonderful’.

Repairs and Servicing

Amiga Engineering Pty Ltd has an extremely large in-house machine shop and can machine up any required part needed (if shelf stock is not available). As a result, we are chosen over other companies for our abilities and great customer service for all clients.

Repairs and servicing of any type of gearbox is second nature to us at Amiga Engineering, and have proven our quality with the end product. Why would you get any other company? Read More

Gearbox Repair and Servicing — Vital For Efficient Operation

Equipment failure for any organisation can at best be an annoyance and at worst a major problem. It can stop production, prevent water or fuel being pumped, food being made or put a halt to sewage treatment. It will mean customers don’t get the products or services they need and, in some cases, that well-being is adversely affected and lives put at risk.

Sometimes the cause of equipment failure is a gearbox problem. In many cases, that can be avoided by regular maintenance but, if not, fast and efficient gearbox repair is necessary. At Amiga Engineering, we can provide both fault finding and required repairs to keep you running as smoothly as possible.

Providing Gearbox Repairs & Refurbishment In Australia As Well As Preventative Maintenance

We understand the importance of an industrial gearbox and the need to repair a failed one quickly and efficiently. If you need a replacement gearbox or repair on your existing unit, you can send it to us and will provide an expedite for your breakdown situation.

Sometimes a problem may be caused by the environment in which a machine operates. The gearbox may be affected by water ingress or contaminants that cause damage. The first step will therefore be a quick clean and inspection of the gearbox to assess what needs to be done.

In many cases, problems can be solved by a thorough cleaning, oil replacement and some new seals, bearings and other components. At other times, a complete gearbox refurbishment may be necessary or it may be more cost-effective to replace the gearbox with one that has the benefit of a full guarantee. In this case, repairing the old gearbox for use as a spare is highly recommended.

When your gearboxes are of vital importance for efficient operation, planned preventative maintenance (PPM) is essential to ensure everything runs as well as it can do. Depending on the importance of your gearboxes and the load they bear, we can arrange to carry out inspections at appropriate intervals.

PPM will enable worn components to be replaced and potential failures to be identified and prevented before they occur. This will extend the life of equipment, reduce production stoppages, improve safety and minimise the lifetime maintenance cost of equipment.

Simply replacing poor quality or dirty oil with clean oil of a high standard and suitable viscosity can prevent problems. The condition of the oil can also indicate possible difficulties and mean they can be fixed before they get worse.

Fast & Thorough Gearbox Overhauls To Prevent & Repair Breakdowns

As experienced and knowledgeable gearbox reconditioners, you can trust Amiga Engineering to keep your equipment running smoothly. We adopt a thorough approach to all servicing and repairs, starting with an assessment and ending with a full test run to ensure the gearbox is working perfectly.

We have AS9100D accreditation for the defence and aerospace industries and ISO9001 for all of our manufactured products, so you can be sure that all our work is of the very highest quality. We’ll either fit top quality OEM components or manufacture in our workshop any hard-to-source or obsolete components.

We offer gearbox overhauls and other engineering solutions in Australia, and we have the ability to tackle any job, no matter how complex or how big or small. And we treat them all the same because we have a reputation for delivering high quality products and services that we aim to keep. Read Less

Amiga Engineering cares about our customer challenges, and want to help as much as we can. We are a local business and understand your frustration if a breakdown occurs that puts a hold on production.

Call or Email us today for a free quote and Maintenance Manual to suit your current gearbox.
Email Us: salesgw@amigaeng.com.au or Call us on: +61 3 9330 0688

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