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The company is the sole manufacturer of the only Australian Made brand of industrial gearboxes “Genat and Wood™”. Being a 32 year old machine shop, Amiga Engineering has complete capabilities of manufacturing/machining specific/custom parts to suit client requirements and applications.

The quality of our products that we offer is very important to us. We also like to keep the quality of life to a high standard of operation for our customers.

We, at Amiga Engineering Pty Ltd, endeavour to ensure that your purchased gearbox (whether it be over 30 years old to just recent) is still working to its full potential. We do this by offering a number of services to you.

The Need For Effective Gearbox Services In Australia

Modern businesses increasingly rely on automated equipment and a failure of that equipment can be a serious problem. It can halt production, inhibit processing capability and reduce productivity and profitability.

A critical element in a lot of industrial machinery is the gearbox. Should the gearbox fail, the machine will be rendered inoperable and operations will come to a stop. It’s important, therefore, that gearboxes are kept in good order and, should they fail, they recieve gearbox services quickly so that interruptions are kept to a minimum. Read More

Commercial Gearbox Servicing

Should an industrial gearbox fail to operate properly, we can offer a repair service that will get you up and running again as quickly as possible. Since most repairs are required urgently and failure can occur at any time, often when least convenient, our engineers are available 24/7 to sort out your problem.

We can undertake repairs in situ or remove the gearbox to our facility if more extensive work is necessary. Depending on its condition, we can repair and refit the gearbox or take any other action that is necessary. This may involve a full refurbishment of the gearbox to restore it to almost ‘as new’ condition or a new model may need to be fitted if your existing one is beyond repair. If so, one of our highly regarded Genat and Wood gearboxes will be suitable for your needs or we have other well-known brands available.

Since the availability of equipment is vital for a smooth operation, regular gearbox services are essential in order to ensure they run consistently and reliably. Even the best gearboxes can break down occasionally, especially if they’re operating in a harsh environment. Regular planned preventative maintenance (PPM) will reduce the risk of problems and will involve:

  • visual inspection of the main components
  • detailed analysis of components and the oil, which can indicate possible problems that need to be sorted out
  • review of operating procedures
  • identification of potential future problems
  • general clean and replacement of oil plus seals and other worn components
  • detailed report of the gearbox’s condition and recommended future action.

Benefits Of Industrial Gearbox Services

Regular gearbox servicing will ensure that likely future problems are identified and can be resolved before they get worse and become really serious. It will also ensure you comply fully with warranty conditions and that your gearbox continues to perform at peak efficiency.

Your gearboxes will operate reliably with fewer breakdowns and unplanned stoppages. Less down-time means greater throughput, increased profitability and improved customer satisfaction so a properly planned maintenance regime will save you money in the long-term, including avoiding high repair costs due to problems becoming worse.

We have the experience, the qualified technicians, the equipment and the will to keep your gearboxes running efficiently and reliably. We also have a stock of OEM parts to replace failed components or, if these are obsolete or difficult to source, can manufacture parts of equivalent quality. We can also upgrade existing gearboxes to improve performance if operating needs have changed.

Don’t take a risk by ignoring gearbox well-being. We can provide both preventative and reactive servicing for gearboxes to keep everything running smoothly. Read Less

Services provided to our gearbox customers include:

  • Manufacturing of Australian made industrial gearboxes
  • Importing Medium and Light range Gearheads
  • Service of gearboxes
  • Rebuilding to suit specifications
  • Gearbox selection and specification
  • Technical Support
  • On-Site fully supportive machine shop

If you would like to discuss any of the above services, please feel free to call or e-mail us.
Email Us: salesgw@amigaeng.com.au or Call us on: +61 3 9330 0688

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