Amiga Engineering Pty Ltd is a versatile manufacturer with many areas within the one business. It is the only company in Australia with CNC Machining & Fabrication, Polymer &amp Metal 3D Printing, Industrial Gearboxes, 3D Scanning and 3D Systems equipment sales.

See below for more information on the services available for each department

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Flange & Fitting Services

Flange and Fitting manufacture for projects require testing:

Non destructive testing NDT, UT, DPI, MPI, Visual and dimensional is carried out on forgings pre, during and post manufacture to customer requirements. Tensile, Charpy Impact and Hardness Testing is carried out on all materials prior to machining where required.

Ferrite Count, Micrographical Analysis, Ferrite scope and other tests available if required.

Full MDR can be suplied for project work.
We also provide Emergency Engineering Work

Gearbox Services

-Manufacturing of the ONLY Australian Made & Owned industrial gearboxes
-Service of gearboxes including: Strip & Reports, Gearbox Refurbishment, Spare Parts
Importing Large, Medium and Light range Gearheads
-Rebuilding gearboxes to suit specification
-Gearbox selection and specification
-Technical Support
-In-house fully supportive machine shop
Maintenance Manuals and Guides for our Genat & Wood™ Pty Ltd gearboxes, as well as Varmec, Tramec and Motomeccanica gearboxes

3D Printing Services

Amiga has the largest service bureau for 3D Printing in Australia. With a full suite of Metal & Polymer 3D printers, we are able to provide new innovative options for clients.

Materials available:
-316 Stainless Steel,
-Gr23 Titanium,
-H13 Tool Steel
-17-4PH Stainless.

3D Printers

Amiga is the partner reseller of 3D Systems branded 3d printer equipment and Magics Software. High end quality printers using DMP, DLP, SLS, SLA and much more.

The best reseller you can come across that actually uses the same printers in-house as a service for customers/clients. This provides excellent tips and tricks and extra information for install, use and technical info.

Some of Our General Engineering and Production CNC Machining Services

Amiga Engineering™ Pty Ltd has spent a great deal of time and effort up grading its capacity to

produce a full and extensive service to the engineering community.

AIDN Gala 2022 - AMIGA
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Recycling SLS
Nobel Laureates - Printing New Boundaries
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