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Recycling SLS

Amiga have the perfect solution for recycling used SLS nylon materials. Being an advanced manufacturer means machining complex components. The capability of printing jigs and fixtures to hold complex parts for machining is crucial in recycling as well as additive manufacturing.

When metal printed parts have critical faces that need to be post-processed by CNC machining, they need to be held in place on a mill or lathe. This can be very difficult using a standard jig if it is not a ‘typical’ part. This is where in-house additive manufacturing can be very useful. Printing a custom jig or fixture is the perfect solutions to machine a complex part.

If it is a once-off part, then a dynamic jig can be made out of SLS material that would otherwise be waste material. We are saving it from land-fill and recycling the used powder for a purpose.

A great example is when our machinists needed to machine critical faces on the Deakin University components for the Solar World Car challenge. Pictured to the left you can see the Ex-Black Nylon printed jigs used to hold the metal printed parts accurately so that Amiga’s technicians can machine the high tolerance surfaces.

*Credit parts to Deakin University and Acciona

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