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Real Madrid vs AS Roma in Australia

July 20th, 2015

Hello World,

Dee here, did you have a good weekend? I did, we took our little treasure to see Real Madrid Vs AS Roma in Australia on Saturday 18/7/15 at the MCG. We had brilliant seats and were right behind goal. It was a little bit sad though, because so many people paid so much money to see the famous Ronaldo, Bale, Ramos, Modric, Doumbia, Totti and other pro players, however they were only on for the first half! What a shame, who knew a ‘friendly’ game actually means  ‘training match’. It was sad to see because so many people ended up walking out about half way through the second half. I don’t blame them, seeing young girls and boys walking out with their parents with their little sad faces; because their idols were taken off after the first half. No wonder the crowd in the MCG was so quiet that you could hear a pin drop.

real vs roma

Don’t get me wrong, Ronaldo (my little treasures’ hero) did do a few good tricks, and Bale did do a scissor kick, attempting to kick a goal, which was very exciting. Plus the fact that they were standing right there in the same stadium as us is very rare, which did put smiles on peoples faces; especially our little treasure. It was just a wee bit miserable that they were not moving around as best as we thought they would; I understand that Real Madrid Coaches and AS Roma coaches cannot risk injuries only for a “friendly” match, however put some gusto and oomph into it players? We all paid a lot of money to see these superstars and heroes play in our Aussie land country and for more than one half! We were very happy and relieved that our little one was super excited and delighted when we bought him a Real Madrid Jersey before we left.

crowd for real vs roma

It was an exciting event, and it is still fortunate that this opportunity arose for us Aussies to have some of the international super stars playing on our home turf for the first time ever! I will be thankful we did not miss this opportunity, however next time..I think the media and all advertisers should give us all a ‘heads up’ that it is mainly a training exercise for the players, so they will not be on for the entire match.

All of this made me think back to our Aussie products. You may pay a higher price for an Australian Made or genuine Aussie product, however this is because of the high quality of our own country’s work and the high quality that Aussies devote to their work when manufacturing.  If you read my previous blog below “10 Reasons why you should choose Australian” – this also explains the reasoning behind it. Aussies are proud, and Aussies care about the work we do, and being an Australian Made, or Grown, or Owned, or being a Product of Australia; should mean that you stand tall and are happy to say…”Oi! We’ve made this specially for you, through all the ‘Hard Yakka’ and work we’ve put in, this genuine Aussie product is for you mate!”

This is what Aussie Made means

This is what Aussie Made means

C’mon people you know where I’m going with this….why don’t you buy Australian, and Keep it Australian? Buy your own products, support your own home team of goods, support your own country and keep jobs in Australia going!

Amiga Engineering Pty Ltd supports local business, do you?

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