Venturi Valve respirator components

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Crucial Medical Venturi Valve respirator components being cleaned up from this mornings print. The figure 4 modular and stand alone DLP printers can produce super fast prints for time critical medical applications. We are here to support these industries with our medical grade durable USP Class VI materials in this time of uncertain supply chains, and time critical requirements.We used a high resolution setting for these to create a smooth accurate finish, even with these fine layer resolution the print was started at around 8 am and was completed cured and finished by the afternoon. So much potential for same day turnaround. 3dprinting additivemanufacturing 3dprintedmedicalcomponents 3dprintedmedical melbournemanufacturing 3dprinter respirator covid_19 respirator medicalsupply smartindustrialdesigndesign industrialdesign
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