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Finished pannier bracketA perfect example of ‘Topological Optimization’. 3D print in Grade 23 Titanium

Check this wonderful video we have of a Pannier Bracket Build which we printed out of grade 23 titanium. Original part was 4kg and our printed part weighs approx 800g
This particular pannier bracket bolts onto the fuselage of a drone and holds telemetry and sensor equipment. Collecting GIS data (geographical data used for mapping)
It’s structural and holds other components and has a balancing function. the previous design was quite bulky and was causing problems with take off and landing with stability. This design has helped with many aspects of the application
A perfect example of ‘Topological Optimization’.
What’s that you may ask. That is when an item has un-needed material taken away from the design – still keeping the integrity and strength of the part but (much like when lattice structure is used) is perfect for light weighting an item – like the Bugatti brake caliper – that was topologically optimised for the same reason.
A huge thank you to The Design Technology Company for allowing us to not only share their design but to choose us to be involved in their project.

Flight trials will be processed in the near future by The Design Technology Co on the Flamingo Mk 3

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