Weldolets are part of the “O’let Branch Connection” family. Branch connections are manufactures in all sizes, types, bores, and classes, in a wide range of stainless steel, chrome-moly, and other alloys.

Weldolet is the type of fitting used to create a branch with the smaller size of main pipe. Weldolets are usually used in piping with high pressure and temperature where the connection with the joint type butt weld. They have a run end and a branch end. The run end connects to the larger diameter pipe, and the branch end connects to the smaller diameter pipe. The connection to the run pipe is a fillet weld and the weldolet has a beveled end to butt weld to the branch pipe (which will also have a beveled end).

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Weldolets are used to provide an outlet area from a larger to a smaller pipe connection point. The weldolet is welded to the larger pipe (the run) and connected to the smaller pipe (the branch). Weldolet branch connection fittings are used for a variety of metal pipes such as stainless steel, chrome-moly and several other alloys.

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