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Amiga Engineering Pty Ltd have manufactured an array of different types of Paddle Blinds, Spades & Spacers to customer SPECs. Being a local manufacturer, the company can machine a spade or spacer to almost any size requirement.

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What is a spade or spacer?

A Spade Blind (also known as Spades & Spacers, Paddle Blind, Skillet Blind, Pancake Blind, Slip Blind or Line Blind) resemble the shape of a paddle (which is where “Paddle Blind” comes from). These types of blinds are generally applied in piping systems that do not require constant maintenance. Spades are used more as a temporary blocking device to stop flow in a process piping system. Sometimes optional Paddle type Spacers can be used in-line when returning the system to operation.

Spades are primarily used to block flow only, as opposed to a Spectacle Blind that can both allow flow and block flow. Spades are preferably used where access is limited and are needed to be used in tight spaces. Spades are sometimes chosen over Spectacle Blinds due to weight and ease of install – as Spades are lighter than a Spec Blind.

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Maximize your pipeline’s potential with our top-quality, made to order spades, spacers and paddle blinds – the ultimate solution for oil and gas, petrochemical and refineries.
Teflon Lined Carbon Spacer
Smaller Teflon Carbon Spacer

Amiga’s machining capabilities are well-suited for producing high-quality Australian made spade blinds and spacers that are essential for oil and gas, refineries and other pipeline applications.

Spade blinds, also known as paddle blinds or slip blinds, play a critical role in isolating sections of the pipeline during maintenance and repair work. Amiga’s machinery ensures precision and accuracy in the manufacturing process, resulting in spade blinds and spacers that meet stringent industry standards.

Spades & spacers are highly useful in preventing the flow of fluids through sections of the pipeline, allowing a maintenance work to be carried out safely and efficiently. Overall, Amiga’s capabilities in producing high-quality spade blinds and spacers are crucial for ensuring the smooth and safe operation of pipeline systems in the oil and gas industry.

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