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Nozzles Manufactured in Australia

Amiga Engineering are the “go-to” company for Self-Reinforced Nozzles in Australia, so why go anywhere else?

Amiga Engineering™ pride themselves in the high-quality and standards used.

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Self Reinforced Nozzles

Amiga has manufactured and provided countless self-reinforced nozzles for pressure vessels in many past projects.

With integral weld preparation to suit side intrusions into vessels; taking up stress due to material removal, self-reinforced nozzles from Amiga Engineering™ are ideally suited to onshore and offshore applications.

Integral Nozzles

Used when welding connections onto a pressure vessel. It is necessary to weld the nozzle into the hole of the pressure vessel by ensuring it has reinforcement in the removed area. This is where a self reinforced or integral nozzle is used. An angular integral nozzle is a very custom/specialised part and is manufactured by Amiga Engineering using 3D Machining capabilities.

Angular Integral Nozzles

Digester Nozzle Australia

Digester Nozzles

Generally used when seperating liquids and gases; found in many manufacturing plants in various industries. Amiga can manufacture in 316L, Duplex and many more materials – with 3D Machining capabilities

Our Latest News.

Amiga Engineering™ Pty Ltd has spent a great deal of time and effort up grading its capacity to

produce a full and extensive service to the engineering community.

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