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Anchor Flanges

An Anchor Flange is important in many thrust-control systems. It is essential when protecting pipeline pumping or gas stations. Anchor Flanges are most commonly welded into the line and covered in concrete, this immobilizes the pipe at predetermined locations and transfer built-up stresses to exterior structures. Anchor Flanges combat axial movement. They bear a resemblance to a collar, once it is attached to a pipe. They prevent the pipeline from moving by typically being placed onto a section of pipeline as it makes a turn or is at a bridge crossing.

A metal pipeline is known for its inherent movement caused by the flow of liquid, as well as contraction and expansion caused by temperature changes. By locking in an Anchor Flange and securing it’s position, the forces of flow pushing against the pipe are displaced on the earth.


They look like a weld neck flange, but it has two hubs on both sides to weld to the pipes. There are no bolt bores on Anchor Flanges and they help secure the position of the pipeline. If you would like more information on our other Flange products, please click here

You can find many of Amiga Engineering Pty Ltd Anchor Flanges on almost every pipeline across Australia. If you want high quality Anchor Flanges – manufactured by the experts, then

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