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Your local manufacturer for On Demand 3D Printing

When you need or are looking for high quality 3d printed parts; either end use or prototyping Amiga Engineering Pty Ltd are here to help. With end-to-end solutions for any metal 3d printing, polymer 3d printing or colour 3d printing requirements.


Industrial sized printers with a high quality 30um finish as a standard, productions runs and one-off large part builds in 316 stainless, Gr23 Titanium, Aluminium, H13 tool steel, Inconel718 and more.


Figure 4 Modular DLP printers provide a fast turn around time with a tough finished part result with materials that are medical grade, high temperature resistant or rubber in texture. SLS is also available for larger parts, also providing faster turn around times than other well known technologies such as FDM. Resulting in stronger components using well-known nylon materials such as PA11 or PA12. (Available in white or black)


Mimaki Inkjet technology has 1 million colours available with the finished colour set on parts with high definition and quality. Realistic sculptures, figurines, plant models and much more.

metal 3d printing
SLS 3d printing
colour 3d printing

Amiga is accredited to AS9100D for Aerospace, Defence and Space customers, aswell as ISO9001 for all other manufacturing requirements.

On demand 3d Printing services in Australia

3D Systems Australia

Amiga Engineering is officially partnered with 3D Systems, only offering quality printers and consumables.

Amiga also has the largest service bureau for Metal & Polymer 3d printing in Australia. Support your local manufacturer and send through your designs for a quote. With a full suite of materials, technologies and services available; all in one location for customer convenience. Amiga Engineering is perfect for your On Demand 3D Printing enquiries.

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