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Amiga has taken the leap at being the first SME to bring in high-end Tungsten metal powder for our Metal 3D Printing service bureau. The perfectly spherical Tungsten powder has become part of Amiga’s standard range of available materials to 3D Print client designs and projects.

Tungsten W-45 has excellent radiation shielding capabilities and corrosion resistance.

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Perfect for use in industries including Medical, Military, Nuclear, Tooling and Aerospace.

Tungsten is known for its robustness and electrical conductivity, found in many applications in use with light filaments, x-rays, electrodes and other imaging equipment.

Metal Additive Manufacturing in Tungsten now provides the ability to print one-off and custom tooling needs for high temperature nose cones and fuel nozzles. Customized tools and specialised tooling such as injection moulding tooling inserts and abrasive resistant nozzles.

Hard facing can be achieved with welding, and now the possibility of making complete shapes with wear resistant leading edges for running through high abrasive mediums.

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