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National Pride

August 25th, 2015

Hello World,

Dee here, how is everybody? I was reading a fantastic article last Thursday (20/8/15) called “Why it’s time to bring manufacturing back to Australia”.

This article goes through the benefit of “Going local”, it’s very interesting with a lot of facts. It’s very true when it says that Australia believes it is a “Major international player because we compete so well on the international stage”, however we are no more than a teeny tiny fish in the “international manufacturing pool”.

Cheap Imports

cheap imports

It is very hard to compete with large scale trading countries such as China. Every time our dollar rises or falls, or global financial issues hit the fan, it is our Aussie manufacturing that takes a hit.

Learning and Creating Change


Sure it’s cheaper to buy online over the internet and through the international marketplace, and it does tend to be the younger generations that pursue this, however I believe that if we create advertisements or marketing gimmicks that are aimed at the younger target market, this could help create change. If our school teachers, teaching in Australia, learn and understand how much this will affect the future generations that they are teaching, then the younger generations will also learn how valuable and important it is to support your own country. If our Government and Councils publicized the importance of keeping Australian manufacturing alive by buying local to our younger generations, I think it would make a big difference.

Teach the ChildrenTeach our children

There a couple of comments stated at the end of this article, and I see that some people out there agree with my train of thoughts too. Everything does start at school, the Government and Non-Government schools. Teach the children the importance of National Pride, teach the children what it means to have Australian products. “What does Australian Made mean?” teach it to the children!

Government Importance

Aust Political promises

It’s great to find out that our politician are spending their time and efforts on chasing down helicopter flights and different marriages, instead of caring for their own country and economy, and where Australian manufacturing or products will be in the future isn’t it?…in case you couldn’t tell, I’m being extremely sarcastic…it’s terrible that this is what our country’s politicians and MP’s focus on. Who cares about all that hub-bub? Not me! I’m not the only one in the Aussie manufacturing business, so what can we do about this?

It would be great if the Government actually showed a little interest in their country that they have been chosen to be leaders of.



In the article it has a title “The rise of robots”. I believe we could be headed down a road where robots will take over the world of work for humans, however I don’t believe we will be like iRobot for a very long time. When this does happen, I hope Will Smith will still be here to save us 🙂

It is scary when we see the technology of the machines that are coming out (such as at Aus-Tech), and how many procedures are being cut-out by using these machines, but where is the pure Aussie strength? Where will the Aussie passion and enjoyment of our industry be if human processes become extinct and taken over by machines?

Keep it at Home

keep it home

We need to keep Aussie manufacturing in Australia and create more National Pride for our future generations and current younger generations. Teach national pride in schools, teach how important it is to support “Australian Made” products and local business. Keep Australian manufacturing in Australia, our home!

Link to article:’s%20time%20to%20bring%20manufacturing%20back%20to%20Australia

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