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Ground breaking new technology for material scientists, research and development, end-use manufacturing. Amiga is the first in the Southern Hemisphere to manufacture Australian Made metal powder for Additive Manufacturing and powder bed fusion technology.

3D Lab is a European based machine manufacturer of the “ATO” metal atomizing technology. Amiga is the first to invest and operate the equipment onsite, along with becoming the agents and resellers of equipment and consumables.

ATO Lab+ is an Innovative technology for exotic metals, and standard metal powders. Providing new material research, metal powder production and AM parameter optimization.

partnering with 3d lab
metal powder

Unparalleled powder quality
Custom and standard metal powder
Exceptionally low operating costs
Make your own powder in a shorter time frame
Australian Made
Cost effective productions
Markedly low operating costs & no limitations in minimum powder quantity

Research Projects
Exotic alloys
Next generation materials in days instead of months

If you work in a typical lab and are developing new metal materials, Amiga’s metal powder manufacture service can help. Or if you are looking to purchase your own ATO atomiser, then Amiga are the Australian agents for 3D Labs superior equipment.

Nowadays, you do not need large areas and super-qualified staff to conduct innovative research on new metal powders. Using the compact ATO device, you can produce high-quality metal powders in your lab.

Sometimes there can be a struggle with tight spaces in laboratories, which is why the 3D Lab ATO + machine fits well. Keep the integrity and important functionality is essential.

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