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Melbourne Victory Walk Out

November 30th, 2015

Hello World, Dee here, did anyone see or hear about the Melbourne Victory walk out?

Well, we did. Hubby, little one and I had booked tickets for the game, and we actually had seats right behind the cheer squad! We didn’t realise a walkout was planned, until some people behind us were talking about it.

chill bro I got ya

I tell you what; the atmosphere with the members cheer squad was absolutely fantastic! At the start, the members had a big black sheet so they held it up and covered the front few rows and the rest of them all faced the crowd instead of the players. It was pretty interesting; I’ve never seen anything like it. The member cheer squad turned around after a while and cheered a little bit with loud and catchy chants, however when it got to half time, the members all walked out.

198 Members Banned

The reason behind all of it, if you didn’t know, was because a big group of long time standing members were named and evicted. So what did their fellow members and squad does? They SUPPORTED them, because they believed it was not handled in a very appropriate manner, which I agree. Approx 198 fans were named publicly and had their private information publicized. Members lost their jobs (which is absolutely wrong because this has nothing to do with their private lives!) The article that was written should not have been a bias based one, it has ruined people’s hobby, sporting joy, teamwork and private lives.

when we stand together

I think how the current members expressed their disappointment and frustration was brilliant! They had 2 main gents at the front of the cheer squad stand, with their gramophones leading the way and advising when everything is going to happen. I’ve spoken many times about how sport teams show their encouragement and support, and how we should follow suit in other areas of industry, and this was another perfect example.

Victory walkout 2

Fellow supporters were banned/evicted, so the remaining group stood their ground to show their dissatisfaction and frustration of what has happened to their friends and family. You know what? This has brought people closer, and will hopefully show people they need to stand together, just like their song “Stand by me…”

Is there anyone out there who supports Australian manufacturing and our industry? Is there anyone out there who believes that Australian products and jobs need to be saved? Is there anyone else who is willing to make a stand against cheap replicas and cheap knock-offs?


I hope there is, because small business and local businesses cannot go this alone! We need support, we need back-up, and we need a sturdy fan base to help us continue into the future! Where will Australia be in the future, with no Aussie products, and no Aussie manufacturing? I hope that Melbourne Victory fans are treated with more dignity and respect, because at the end of the day, we are ALL human. In a day and age like this, with fighting and hostility going on in the background, we need to keep what we all have alive!


Show your support for one another, don’t go behind peoples’ back and be a sell out! I can tell you, without the Melbourne Victory cheer squad, it was a different atmosphere. It was quiet, solemn and sad. We, along with the remaining “General Public” fans, cheered the Victory members when they walked out. Sadly there are many people in our industry who are sell outs, and want to bring others down. Don’t be like this, we need to stand together and be as one! Anyone in Aussie manufacturing, please stand together – just as Melbourne Victory fans did, and keep our industry and products ALIVE!

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