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Oil & Gas Machining

The oil and gas industry is unique as regards the challenges it faces and the demands it places on its suppliers. Those challenges generally result from the way it works and its often remote locations.

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Oil & Gas Industry Machining Demands

The challenges and demands are becoming even greater as the industry is now able to access ever more remote and previously unavailable reserves of gas and oil. That’s largely due to improved technology that enables exploration and drilling in new areas, placing even more demands on engineering companies that provide the equipment. It’s a challenge that we at Amiga Engineering are well able to meet.

The Challenges For Oil & Gas Machining

Oil and gas exploration and drilling platforms are often in remote areas, sometimes miles out at sea. They are not easy to reach, meaning that installation, maintenance and repair tasks are not straightforward. This puts great pressure on suppliers to make sure that any equipment they provide works first time and continuously for long periods without interruption. All that equipment, therefore, has to be made from tough, high-quality materials and has to be machined precisely.

The requirements of the oil and gas machining are particularly demanding and technological. Equipment used is often unique to the industry, involving drilling equipment, pipework, flowline components and blow-out preventers, some of which are required to operate below sea level or in other difficult to access areas.

Components have to cope with various environmental factors that include corrosion from salt water, extreme pressure and temperature, tidal surges and high winds. That means they have to be manufactured from tough, high specification materials that include stainless steel and some exotic metals. Machining for oil and gas industries has to be undertaken with complex geometries and critical tolerances.

All machining has to be very precise and, given the remoteness of many sites, component failure cannot be countenanced. This places a lot of pressure not only on the quality of manufacturing but also on exhaustive testing to ensure that everything works as it should do. Read More

Delivering The Required Machining Standards To Oil & Gas Industries

Our experience of CNC Machining in general and oil and gas machining in particular means we are well placed to serve the industry. We understand the need for precision machining, for high-quality materials and for excellent surface finishes. We also know that everything has to be delivered exactly to each customer’s specification and has to work the first time.

Aside from the emphasis on quality and reliability of components, time is also a major factor. Gas and oil industry machining production cannot be interrupted so components have to be supplied on time, every time.

To serve the oil and gas industry, we adopt the same high standards as we do for all our customers. We invest heavily in technology and in our workforce, using the latest equipment and techniques. As a result, our knowledge, skills and overall capabilities deliver what’s needed consistently and reliably.

We can handle anything from large assemblies to small components requiring precise machining. So, whether you have the high demands of the oil and gas industry or different needs, you can be sure we’ll always deliver to your exact specification. At Amiga Engineering services we always aim to meet or exceed your expectations. Read Less

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