Machined Forgings Australia

Forgings are typically used in applications where great strength, reliability and safety are essential. This strength is created through the forging process, where low density and empty spaces are removed, cracks are sealed, and gas porosity is reduced. Additionally, the grain structure of the metal is aligned to give better directional strength.

Perfect Components Through Machined Forgings

Forging is the process by which metal is made into a required shape. Cold forging is carried out at room temperature and the metal is squeezed between two dies by a ram until it is the required shape. It is one of the most common manufacturing techniques and commonly used for automotive components.

Hot forging is undertaken at an extremely high temperature, which is necessary to avoid strain hardening of the metal during deformation. Stamping is the most common process; the metal being squeezed in a press between a die surface and a tool.

The forging process will produce components that are roughly the size and shape needed. These are then machined to the exact shape, size and finish required to create the finished products — machined forgings.

The Benefits Of Machined Forgings

Forging is only one of the ways to create rough components, the other main one being casting where molten metal is poured into a mould to create the required shape when cool. However, machined forging has several advantages since it:

  • enables higher rates of production
  • crease a better surface finish
  • produces parts with a greater material strength
  • allows finishing operations such as polishing and surface treatment due to the lack of porosity, especially after hot forging
  • has significant material savings due to reduced wastage
  • enables more complex parts to be produced
  • prolongs machine tool life since there is less contamination when compared to sand casting
  • reduces machine tool operations since initial tolerances are more precise and so less finishing is needed. Read More

Completing The Machined Forgings

Our task at Engineering services, is to take rough forgings and turn them into parts that completely match each customer’s specifications. This will require the use of a number of tools that include cutting, drilling, boring, milling, grinding and turning equipment. The cutters we use are also of different types to suit the requirements of each job.

Our experience working for the aerospace and gas and oil industries means we are aware of the need for precise machining that will create the exact shape and measurements required. We carry those exacting standards through to everything else we do so that all customers receive the same high standard of production.

Allied to our comprehensive CNC Machining capability is rigorous inspection and testing at every stage of the process, including a final quality control check. This ensures every part matches exactly to customer specifications and is of the required standard.

We can handle high volume machining or one-off parts, large components or small items requiring precise machining. Whatever, the size, shape or quantity, we can deal with the most complex of jobs. We welcome a challenge and always aim to give absolute satisfaction to every customer delivering high quality machined forginings services. Read Less

For more information on Amiga’s machining capacity and capabilities visit the Machining Capacity page or feel free to call the office or email through your enquiry.

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