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Metal 3D Printing – Additive Manufacturing

High-end metal 3d printing; fit-for-purpose and end-use printed parts. DMP technology is just as strong, if not stronger than machining from billet. Metal 3D printing is mostly suitable for complex designs or for component optimisation.

DMP metal 3d printing australia

1 x 350 Factory DMP Printer: Printing bed size of 275mm x 275mm x 420mm high

2 x ProX 320 DMP printers: Printing bed size of 275mm x 275mm x 420mm high

1 x SLM280H Printer: Printing bed size 280mm x 280mm x 350mm high

Material capability (not limited to) Titanium, Inconel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, H13 Tool Steel

Polymer 3D Printing – Additive Manufacturing

3DSystems DLP and SLS are for end-use polymer parts. DLP, Amiga uses 3DSystems Figure 4 Standalone and the Figure 4 Modular printers because the materials available provide capabilities of snap fitments, USP Class VI, Biomedical grade, Flame Retardant and much more.

3DSystems are constantly perfecting their materials and adding more to the library. Create an account with Amiga’s 3Dsystems consumables store to start ordering consumables for your 3Dsystems printers.

If you have a login, you can enter Amiga's consumable store. If you not, feel free to create an account.

Figure 4 Modular

Materials available: Hi Temp 300-AMB, Med-AMB10, Pro-BLK10, Rubber-BLK10, Tough-BLK20, Eggshell-AMB10, Flex-BLK20, Flex-BLK10, Tough-GRY15, Elast-BLK10, Tough-GRY10

Fab Pro 1000

Materials available: Proto-GRY, Tough-BLK


Printing bed size 381mm x 330mm x 460mm high

Materials available: PA12, Duraform EX Black, TPU Elastomer

ProX SLS 6100

Materials available: ProX EX BLK (SLS), ProX PA (SLS), ProX HST Composite (SLS), ProX EX NAT (SLS), ProX FR1200 (SLS), ProX AF+ (SLS), ProX PA (SLS), ProX GF (SLS)

polymer 3d printing

CNC Milling

Amiga is known for it’s quality machining for critical path items

Reliable with AS9100D for Aerospace, Space and Defence

ISO9001:2015 for all other industries.

machining victoria

Mazak Integrex i200S:

5 axis machining centre – to do new work as well as manufacture some of its already complex components in 1 operations (instead of some 4 processes)

CNC Twin Pallet changer – used for gearboxes and other other cast iron machining

2 off CNC ZAYER Horizontal Milling

4300 x 2000 x 1500 Full 3D capability, DIA to 4300

5 off CNC Milling 750 x 360 x 300. Full 3D capability

4 off CNC Milling 1530 x 800 x 660. Full 3D capability

3 off CNC Milling 3200 x 1480 x 660 Full 3D capability

CNC Horizontal Borer 1600 x 1200 x 1200 Full 3D capability


Custom shafts large and small with intricate profiles

Amiga will manufacture your design with the highest of quality

AS9100D accredited and ISO9001:2015

machining victoria

CNC lathes used for shafts, gearing blanks and adaptors along with CNC machining centres for housings and CNC grinder for optimum gear finish.

3 x Okuma Lathes – used for standard CNC Turning from 2mm Dia – 695mm Dia

2x Okuma Bar Feeders

Vertical Boring

Custom shafts large and small with intricate profiles

Amiga will manufacture your design with the highest of quality

AS9100D accredited and ISO9001:2015

Vertical Boring

    • up to 110: (2800 mm) diameter up to 10 Tonne x 1800mm high

3 off: Vertical Borers

    flange 72” (1900 mm) diameter up to 3 Tonne

Welding & Fabrication

Welding and Fabrication under the same roof compliments the in-house CNC machine shop

Known experience for over 34 years for complex manufacture as well as general

AS9100D accredited and ISO9001:2015

welding victoria

Break Press – up to 2.3 Metres

Guillotine – 2.3 Metres. Can take up to 3mm thick for mild steel, or 6mm thick in Aluminium.

Rolling Machine – can take up to 4mm thick and associates 25mm thick

Other Service

Additive Manufacturing (New Technology)

Profile cutting

Plasma cutting of Stainless and alloy steel

Laser Cutting.

Guillotining up to 5mm thick

Sandblasting booth 36cu mt capacity.

Various other drilling and General Engineering machinery

Amiga Engineering Pty Ltd Standards

Amiga Engineering products are engineered and manufactured to the following standards:

  • AS9100D (For Defence, Aerospace and Space components/customers)
  • ISO9001:2015
  • ANSI B16.5, ANSI B16.47 series A and B, B16.36, B16.20
  • AS2129, AS4087
  • MSS-SP44, MSS-SP95, MSS-SP79
  • API 6A, API 17D, API 16A, API 605
  • BS3293, BS4504
  • MESC 76/001,76/002, 76/004,76/012,74/014

Some of Our Services

Amiga Engineering™ Pty Ltd has spent a great deal of time and effort up grading its capacity to

produce a full and extensive service to the engineering community.

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