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Amiga Engineering can offer light and heavy machining

Amiga Engineering’s™ continued success in the manufacturing industry is a direct result of our service and the satisfaction that our customers have received over the years.

Quick turn around, assistance during breakdown and emergency situations, quality control and accessible support are part and parcel of our ability to provide service to the manufacturing industry whenever it is required.

Light and Heavy Machining Capabilities

Whatever the size and complexity of your job, whether involving large and heavy machining components or smaller parts requiring precise work, at Amiga Engineering we have the capacity and the capability to handle it. Our extensive machine shop and fabrication department enable us to take on your job and complete every aspect within our own production facility.

We provide engineering services in Australia for all sorts of industries, many of which require accurate work on a variety of materials and a range of sizes. Our long-term knowledge and experience with many industries mean we are able to take on the challenge. Read More

Latest Equipment & Skills In Heavy Machining

Our policy at Amiga Engineering has always been to invest in the latest technology so that we have the most up-to-date and effective equipment to undertake any work. At the same time, we invest in our workforce so that they’re highly trained and are skilled enough to tackle a wide range of projects.

Our heavy machining capability means we can machine exceptionally heavy and large parts to produce products with complex features. These often require reliable cutting ability in order to achieve high rates of metal removal to precise specifications so that an excellent finished surface quality results.

To complement our large machining capability, we also have a number of small and medium sized machines. These enable us to deal with smaller sizes of components and provide versatility within our production facility.

The extensive machinery set-up and range of skills means we can deal with most jobs, whether complex, one-off products that require extreme precision or batch runs where the emphasis is on speed of output coupled with accuracy and minimal waste. Every job is different but the time and effort we put in to achieve perfect output is the same for each one.

Currently we have 3 bed sizes for metal 3D printers:

  • 2 x DMP ProX 320: they have print bed sizes of 275x275x380mm high.
  • 1 x SLM280H: print bed size of 280 x280x350mm high.

The bed sizes for our Polymer (plastic) printers are:

  • We have 4 x DLP Figure 4 Modular printers with print bed sizes of 124.8×70.2 x 346mm high.
  • 1 x SLS sPro60 max build envelope of 380 x 330x 460mm (this printer is due to arrive soon, please get in touch with our team for more information).

We can handle almost any material, including steel, cast iron, copper, brass, nylon and other polymers stainless steel and various alloys. We can produce a range of products and components that are used in a variety of applications and industries.

In-house Heavy & Light Machining Production For Assured Quality

Amiga is committed to Quality, our AS9100D Certification, which means that we have an end to end Quality assurance procedure that ensures all of our components are checked at every stage of the production process. from the initial Planning stage to 3D scanning, rest assured we have the right procedures and people in place to make sure your project is produced to the highest quality. We undertake sub-contract work for other companies that don’t have the same level of capability that we do.

We can take any size of project from the initial consultation stage through all light and heavy machining processes and to final inspection of the finished parts. We undertake quality control at various stages to ensure that we always deliver high quality output, on time and within budget.

Our work for the aerospace and defence industries means we have AS9100D on top of various other accreditations. Whilst these are necessary to carry out certain types of work, most importantly they testify to the extremely high quality of our work. That translates into products that will last and perform well for many years. Typical of these is a gearbox that is known to last for over thirty years against the 1-2 years that is common for cheap imports.

Whatever your light or heavy machining needs, get in touch with us for a quality job that will last the course, and more. Read Less

For more information on Amiga's machining capacity and capabilities visit the Machining Capacity page or feel free to call the office or email through your enquiry.

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