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Traditional machining involves an operator placing items onto equipment and then processing them in accordance with supplied instructions. This is often a slow process that is very inefficient, especially when dealing with large quantities of the same product. It is also prone to human error that can often lead to production being scrapped and the process having to be repeated correctly.

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Exceptional Results From CNC Machining In Sydney

These manual methods have now largely been superseded by Computer Numeric Control (CNC) machining that provides numerous advantages. It has none of the limits that manual control imposes and can be used to control a wide range of equipment, sometimes individually but often in a series of linked operations. Here at Amiga Engineering we are pride to provide one of the most complete and advanced CNC Machining for Sydney, as well as a wide range of manufacturing and engineering services. Read More

How CNC Machining Works For Your Business In Sydney

Whereas manual methods require an operative to control the process by using a number of buttons and levers, CNC Machining is completely automated. The process generally starts with Computer Aided Design (CAD) software where the features and dimensions of a particular part are established. These details are then translated into the finished product using Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) software.

The actual requirements for each finished part are converted into code that the CNC machinery can interpret. This code controls the behaviour of the machinery, setting its speed, rate of feed and the amount and positioning of each cut, drill and other processes. Once this code is input to the machine, it will control the whole process without further operator intervention. It can, therefore, repetitively run the same process for multiple parts with the same high standard of output every time.

The system can be used to control individual machines so that part-finished components can then be transferred to other machines for further processing controlled by different code. Alternatively, processing can be in sequence on a series of machines with parts automatically transferred between them under computer control.

CNC programming does not, of course, remove human input entirely and so can still be susceptible to human error. However, this is much less because in-built controls may be present to prevent errors and other measures can be taken:

  • a trial run can be undertaken and checked to ensure output is correct before starting full production
  • a closed-loop system will give feedback to operatives, so they know what is going on.

The Benefits Of CNC Machining In Sydney

Sydney’s CNC Machining has almost completely superseded manual methods. This is because it provides many benefits that include:

  • extreme accuracy in terms of tolerances for size, shape and positioning of features
  • fast removal of large amounts of metal
  • suitable for different metal types
  • practical for large or small quantities including individual prototypes
  • stored instructions can be repeated for further batches of different sizes.

We have a wide range of CNC machines to provide a complete service, with all processing undertaken in-house. Because of that, and the extensive quality control checks throughout the process, we can ensure a very high standard of finished products. Read Less

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Event though our company is based in Victoria, we provide our products and services Australia wide. Some of the locations where you can find our services are:

We can machine all types of materials of varying sizes and shapes. We invest in the very latest equipment, have a well-trained and experienced workforce and are committed to supplying the very best quality service for all our customers. So, contact us for all your needs in CNC Machining in Sydney.

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