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Choosing a supplier for CNC Machining for Perth isn’t easy. Every company claims to have the latest and most comprehensive machinery, the most skilled and experienced technicians and will provide exactly the service you need.
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Use The Best CNC Machinist For Your Business In Perth

We’re no different, so why should you choose us instead of any other company? Well you don’t just have to take our word for what we do. We have accreditations that prove we meet certain standards, customer testimonials that say how satisfied they are with our CNC Machining in Perth and all around Australia, and customers who’ve been with us for many years because they know what we can do. Read More

Providing CNC Machining Perth Can Benefit From: Increased Machining Possibilities

CNC Machining means we can do things we couldn’t attempt with the old, manual methods. Since everything relating to a machining process is programmed in, stored and tested, anything from there happens automatically. That means there’s no manual intervention, no scope for human error and everything just works as it’s intended to do.

It also means we can produce one extremely complex component or many hundreds and they’ll all be exactly the same. We can now, cost-effectively and quickly, produce prototypes as well as long production batches. We can handle large and small components, complex and simple ones, in a variety of materials.

We can operate within extremely fine tolerances and produce components to precise design specifications and in several metals.

Most CNC machining is subtractive manufacturing where we start with a piece of metal and remove materials to create the required part. Equally, we can undertake additive manufacturing (3D printing) where layers are built up to create very complex parts. Both are subject to computer numerical control (CNC) and so output is always accurate, consistent and in line with specifications. Read Less

Why Choose Our CNC Machining Services In Perth?

We’re back to the question of what makes us stand out from the rest.

We have AS9100D accreditation for Aerospace and Defence that means we meet and maintain the high standards these industries require, as well as for all our customers in any industries, because we take pride in what we do irrespective of the requirements of particular bodies. We also conform to ISO9001:2015 for quality management, are in the Top 3 in Victoria for the Victorian Manufacturing Hall of Fame 2019 (Small Business Manufacturing) and the Top 10 in Australia for Defence Connect Industry Awards 2019 (Small Business Manufacturing).
We’ve been established for over thirty years, so we understand what companies need, irrespective of their size and the industry they’re in. And CNC machining services in Perth enables us to meet those needs consistently and well.

Event though our company is based in Victoria, we provide CNC Machining Australia wide. Some of the locations where you can find our services are:

To ensure we deliver high-quality products all the time, we carry out quality control inspections at every stage, including prior to despatch. That way, we know we’ve produced what’s been asked of us and we always deliver on time, every time and within budget.

We take full advantage of technological advances to constantly improve our machining techniques and performance. And by investing in a wide range of equipment and skills, we’re able to undertake all processing in-house with no need to use sub-contractors. That means you don’t need to search for other suppliers of CNC Machining throughout Perth and we’re always able to verify that work is of the highest standard. So put your faith in us to produce the components you require at the right price.

For more information on Amiga’s machining capacity and capabilities visit the Machining Capacity page or feel free to call the office or email through your enquiry.

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