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CNC machining in Melbourne is a subtractive process since it involves the removal of material to create a component of a given size and shape. This is achieved using a range of machines that cut, drill and otherwise adapt the material to meet customers’ specifications.

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Total Control With CNC Machining In Melbourne

As part of our CNC Machining service in Melbourne, we also provide additive processing where a product is built up gradually by adding layers. This is more commonly known as 3D printing and, although many people view it as a cross between science fiction and a hobby, it is a serious process that enables complex components to be built.

Both types of processing are carried out under computer numerical control (CNC), which enables precision and consistency of output. This processing uses advanced software to accurately control machines and produces some very complex designs.

Choose Amiga Engineering For CNC Machining Services Across Melbourne: The Right Tools For The Job

The programmable nature of the system means that very complex cuts can be made at any angles and levels on a piece of metal. Additionally, these cuts are made repetitively for as many pieces as you need and each one will be identical and exactly in line with the specification.

We have a large number of machines of different types that enable us to process metal in any way required, which allow us to provide the most complete CNC Machining solutions in Melbourne. Principal machines are:

  • CNC Mills where the metal is held firmly in a vice on a worktable that rotates and pivots to give two axes of movement. Cutting tools are mounted on a rotating spindle that creates complex features and geometries by removing material. The separate movement of the table and the spindle allow many axes that provide great flexibility.
  • CNC Turners where the metal is held on an adjustable, horizontally mounted spindle that turns so that cutting tools can create circular shapes such as rings, threads, grooves and contours. This process is available for any rotationally symmetrical shape and removes material quickly to leave an excellent finish.
  • CNC Lathes that cut pieces in a circular direction. They produce complex designs that aren’t possible with manually operated machines.
  • CNC Cutters that use either a plasma torch or high-pressure water jet to cut hard materials. The latter may have sand or another abrasive material added to the water and is used frequently in the mining and aerospace industries for intricate cuts where heat is avoided to prevent changes in metal properties. Read More

Total Control For Your Melbourne’s Business With CNC Machining From Amiga Engineering

We use a wide range of equipment in order to provide the parts and finishes that our customers need. Common to them all is the control and reliability provided by CNC programming.

The flexibility that CNC provides means we can easily handle extremely large batches of output since, once programmed and tested, our equipment will create exactly the same output, time after time, without error and very quickly. Equally, we can produce small numbers of items, even individual prototypes, cost-effectively and reliably due to the short set-up times required by CNC machining.

We can, in effect, machine any solid, stable material, which includes all metals and even some hard plastics. Some hardened steels may, however, require specialist cutting tools and take longer to process. Nevertheless, they still fall well within our capability and are a challenge that we welcome.

For a world-class CNC machining throughout Melbourne area, with state-of-the-art equipment, come to Amiga Engineering and you won’t be disappointed. We have skilled and experienced technicians, advanced technology and a willingness to provide cost-effective, reliable and accurate engineering services that will exactly meet your specification. Read Less

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