3D Machining

What is 3D Machining?

3D Machining is when the tool moves in three directions (X, Y and Z) but stays perpendicular to the machine bed.

The process is perfect for multifaceted and complex shapes because the 3D toolpaths follow the changing surfaces of these organic shapes.

Amiga Engineering™ have utilised 3D machining for an array of customised parts used in the oil & gas, mining and petrochemical industries.

We are the experts for your 3D machining needs.

A great example is the below custom Lateral Tee (or Y-piece) used in the oil & gas industry. Manufactured to customer SPEC, Amiga can provide replacements and new application requirements.

3D Machining of Lateral Tee
3D Machining of Lateral Tee
Finished State of Special Client Spec Lateral Tee
Finished State of Special 3D Machined Lateral Tee

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