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3D machining is an advanced manufacturing technique where a computer-controlled machine tool moves in three directions—X, Y, and Z—simultaneously to shape raw material into intricate and detailed components. Unlike traditional machining, which typically operates in two dimensions, 3D machining allows for the creation of complex three-dimensional shapes and surfaces.

In simpler terms, imagine a sculptor carving a statue from a block of stone, but instead of using hand tools, a computer-controlled machine precisely carves out the desired shape from a solid block of material, such as metal or plastic.

This process is ideal for creating parts with intricate geometries, varying surface contours, and complex shapes. It’s commonly used in industries such as aerospace, automotive, medical, and engineering, where precision and intricacy are paramount.

In essence, 3D machining empowers manufacturers to turn digital designs into physical reality with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in modern manufacturing.

3D Machining, a Precision Crafting Technique

In the realm of manufacturing, precision is paramount, and 3D machining stands as a testament to this commitment. This innovative technique harnesses the power of movement in three directions (X, Y, and Z) while maintaining a perpendicular orientation to the machine bed, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and intricacy in part production.

Perfectly Suited for Large Complex Shapes

With its dynamic capabilities, 3D machining is tailor-made for the creation of multifaceted and intricate shapes. Whether dealing with organic curves or geometric complexities, the toolpaths of 3D machining adapt flawlessly to the ever-changing surfaces, resulting in the creation of parts that defy convention and exceed expectations.

Driving Innovation Across Industries

At Amiga Engineering™, we’ve harnessed the potential of 3D machining to deliver bespoke solutions across diverse industries. From the demanding environments of oil & gas to the rigorous standards of mining and petrochemical sectors, our expertise in 3D machining has proven instrumental in the creation of customised parts that excel in performance and reliability.

Unlock the Power of Precision

Experience the precision and versatility of 3D machining with Amiga Engineering™. Explore how this transformative technique can elevate your projects to new heights of excellence and efficiency.

We are the experts for your 3D machining needs.

A great example is the below custom Lateral Tee (or Y-piece) used in the oil & gas industry. Manufactured to customer SPEC, from a solid forging; Amiga can provide replacements and new application requirements.

If your part has a complex design, why not try Metal 3D Printing?

Amiga is the biggest service bureau in Australia for metal & polymer 3d printing. The DMP technology that we use in-house is not just for prototyping, but perfect high quality end use products. The DMP process is just as strong as machining from billet material.

Materials available are Tungsten, Scalmalloy, 316L Stainless, Titanium Gr23, Alsi10mg Aluminium, H13 Tool Steel and Inconel718

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