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Local Support from Apps

September 14th, 2015

Hello world,

Dee here, how is everyone? Does anyone love playing apps on their phones, ipads, ipods etc? I know I do. My little treasure loves them too, so when I see he’s found a good game, I tend to download it too and give it a go. The other day, he said, “You always copy my games!” I returned his comment with a smile and a laugh and said, “Well, you can take it as a compliment; it means what ever you have found to play, must be such a great idea and such a good find; that I had to copy it”. My little treasure stopped to think about what I was saying, I saw the cogs turning in his mind and a smile came across his face. “Oh yeah!”, he said and walked away.

Buy local save jobs

One of the games I happen to like is ‘Township’. I play it when I can, and it helps take your mind off things because you are thinking about food for the animals, buildings and orders for your town. The generic ‘friend’ that you have that comes with the game, his name is Ernie. Ernie gave me a big shock the other day, because his cartoon character came up on the screen and said “I support local business, so I will wait for you to fill my order” I was shocked – a good shocked. It put the biggest smile on my face. How fantastic is that? Even our apps and games now are trying to let everyone know they must “Support Local Business”. What is even better, is that children can play this game. This game is a great way to start teaching them about supporting local business, and why it is so important to sustain our nations economic growth by so.

Township Pic

We’re a hard working country with hard working goods. Our Aussie products are being bought from international companies because of how good our products are. They are opting to choose our goods over their own! When Aussies choose to buy cheap quick buys over their own country’s goods though, it is only for convenience. They are extremely cheap, because they are nothing compared to Good ol’ Australian quality.

hard working

We receive local support from apps and games, so why can’t our own country and Government do the same?

Amiga Engineering Pty Ltd supports local business, do you

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