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Refined Intricate Strong metal 3d printing

Amiga is accredited to AS9100D for Aerospace, Space and Defence clients, and ISO9001:2015 for all other manufacturing.

Amiga Engineering has the largest service bureau in Australia for Additive Manufacturing, with a full suite of metal and polymer 3d printers.

Additive manufacturing allows the creation of parts that have a complex design. Perfect for light-weighting, which is essential for the Space industry.

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fuel nozzles
metal 3d printing

Benefits of 3D printing for Space

Payloads for crafts in the Space Industry can be very expensive, a solution for this can be extra light-weighting of essential items for astronauts and/or machinery components. Metal 3D printing provides this capability by shelling out solid sections and inserting lattice structures that still keep the strength integrity. This can also go a step further by using topological optimization.

Critical, important and complex parts are perfect for Amiga’s metal 3d printing technology, which uses the process of DMP, with the quality of finish being the best compared to other metal 3d printing technologies available.

Amiga is geared up to better serve the Space, Defence and Aerospace industries, with 4 large industrial sized Metal 3D printers, being able to print in in Inconel 718, 316L Stainless, Titanium Gr23, AlSi10mg Aluminium, 17-4PH Stainless and H13 Tool Steel.

Parts and components you can think about for metal printing for the Space industry such as brackets, fixtures, jigs, fuel nozzles, heat exchangers, optic positioning systems and components, combustion systems for fuel and much more.

Another benefit of metal additive manufacturing for Space is being able to easily manufacture complex components. Cooling channels and unusual designs can easily be printed. The DMP technology makes fit-for-purpose and end-use parts. It is not for prototyping. Serious companies and industries need serious equipment and parts.

Additive Manufacturing allows custom bespoke designs that were never thought possible via traditional manufacturing methods. Thin wall sections and intricate cooling channels are perfect for metal 3d printing. Heat exchangers and nozzles are fast and effectively printed in a matter of hours instead of weeks.

This advancement in manufacturing allows military equipment to have the least down-time possible.

Metal materials available for 3D printing:

H13 Tool steel, 316L Stainless, 17-4Ph Stainless, Inconel 718, Gr23 Titanium and Alsi10mg Aluminium.

If any post processing is required, Amiga has a large in-house capability within the CNC machine shop – including 5-axis machining, welding/fabrication, stress relieving and other CNC technology.

Polymer 3D printing is suitable for prototyping for the Space industry:

SLS – For Durability


Structural parts, lightweight, high strength high temp.

DLP – Precision Polymer Parts


Direct from CAD Manufacturing, Longterm environmental stability

MIMAKI – Full Colour 3D Prints


With full colour saturation, unlike any other full colour process

CNC Machining and fabrication for the Space industry

Amiga not only manufactures large fittings and flanges for the oil & gas industry, the company was also given the opportunity to manufacture part of the Melbourne Telescope refurbishment for the Melbourne Museum.

Machining the large bearing housing needed with tight tolerances for large bearing fitments.

See below for more information on Amiga’s 33+ years machining experience and capabilities

Benefits of choosing Amiga Engineering as your manufacturer:

  • Quick turnaround – especially for breakdown and emergency situations are part and parcel of our ability to service whenever it is required
  • The manufacturing and office located in Tullamarine, Victoria; perfectly situated minutes away from air, road and sea transport
  • Largest service bureau for Additive Manufacturing in Australia with a full suite of Metal and Polymer 3D technology.
  • Versatile machining/fabrication abilities in-house provides a large capability
  • Turning diameters up to 2800mm, mill lengths up to 4300mm and one of the largest vertical borers in Australia with a travelling height of 1800mm.
  • Focused on quality products, Amiga uses the same in-house technology that is also used in 3D equipment sales.

Amiga was recently awarded the Sovereign Capabilities Grant, if you would like to find out more about what the company is striving for click the link below

Amiga Engineering Defence Update

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AS9100D company
Quality ISO9001 companies

Accredited to AS9100D for Aerospace, Defence and Space, and with ISO9001:2015 for other industries.

Some of our previous projects for the Aerospace, Defence and Space industries that we are able to share:

machining melbourne telescope

This image is of the finished refurbished Melbourne Telescope, Amiga proudly manufactured a new bearing housing.

metal 3d printing

Heat exchangers are needed in a number of applications, metal 3d printing can be used for custom designs in Aluminium and other metal material requirements.

metal 3d printing

This image shows a few different designs of nozzles used for fuel injection and other liquid cooling and separation applications

CNC Machining
metal 3d printing

Metal 3D printing of custom light-weight requirements. 3D printing of a light weight knife that can used in a variety of different applications, such as a safety sailing/hiking knife. Custom designed by the Amiga team with a few extras added for safety situations.

metal 3d printing

Amiga is licensed to manufacture special items and components. Metal 3D printing is perfect for this, with light weighting capabilities and bespoke design requirements.

Navy Gearboxes

Amiga manufactures the only Australian Made brand of industrial gearboxes (Genat and Wood), and has proudly adapted for Naval applications.

metal 3d printing

This bracket for the Alina satelite was metal 3d printed with topological optimisation. It was printed on the same 3D Systems DMP equipment used in-house by Amiga

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