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A healthcare revolution is taking place in Australia, founded on the ability to create highly personalized and Customized 3D printed medical devices and patient-specific surgical simulation. Direct printing of individualized implants and customized instrumentation. This revolution is not only fueled by effecting speed and cost, it is transforming and enriching lives.

Amiga Engineering partners with surgeons, healthcare professionals, medical device manufacturers and medical teaching staff to offer a range of precision healthcare solutions. This includes 3D printed anatomical models, virtual surgical planning, patient-specific surgical guides, instrumentation and implants.

medical 3d printing
colour 3d printing

Amiga has the ability to print highly detailed medical models, thanks to the introduction of our new Mimaki printer we can produce models in over 10 Million Colours.

This means that we can accurately blend and adapt colour gradients to be more realistic then any other printer in the world. These models are printed using a water Soluble support structure which allows our clients to print amazing structures like the anatomical foot.

These models are commonly used for medical training, procedure training and display pieces.

Interested in 3D printing for Medical devices, models, tools, guides or any other special component?
Want to know more about Full Colour 3D Printing?

3D Systems’ VSP® technology received FDA market clearance as a service based approach to personalized surgery, combining expertise in medical imaging, surgical simulation, and 3D printing. The surgeon initiates the process, bringing their clinical knowledge and desired surgical plan to an online web meeting with a 3D Systems biomedical engineer to simulate and plan the surgical procedure. The outcome is a digital plan that is transferred to the operating room via accurate, 3D-printed, patient-specific models, guides, and templates.

medical model
colour 3d printing
colour 3d printing

Amiga Engineering is Partnered with 3D Systems to deliver the Australia’s  broadest range of prosthodontic applications together with a wide range of certified materials validated for specified prosthodontic workflows. With Amiga Engineering portfolio of NextDent materials, dental labs and clinics have now access to digital workflows using additive manufacturing for producing prosthodontic applications like full and partial dentures, custom trays and try-ins. From direct-printed prosthetics, casting patterns for RPDs with the NextDent 5100 to direct metal-printed RPDs using our DMP (Direct Metal Printing) machines, 3D Systems printers and materials make it possible for laboratories and clinics to optimize the production of prosthetics.

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