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Refined Intricate Strong metal 3d printing

Additive Manufacturing has the ability to print in a range of materials that suit durable applications. Conventional manufacturing can find it hard to cut materials that are over a certain hardness or toughness

Metal 3D printing does not have this problem; making it possible to print in extremely hard materials, making it perfect for high wearing components

Additive manufacturing can produce components of any hardness or shape. This has huge advantages when it comes to the creation of hard, high tensile or complex parts.

Amiga has 4 large industrial sized DMP metal printers. Specifically the 3D Systems brand, chosen over other well-known brands for the ppm of oxygen content. With such low numbers of 2 – 3 ppm (compared to other types in the field that have varying levels of 60 – 200 ppm) means the printed part is not porous and is quite dense. Amiga’s technology and brand of Metal Additive Manufacturing is high-end.

Not only research and development worthy, but perfect for end-use/

Obsolete Parts

Metal 3D printing has also come in favourable when tooling or parts are no longer available but are still needed. Such as parts of a jig, components for a vintage car or motorcycle and much more. Not only for advantage changes to product, but for need in industrial use. Amiga Engineering has implemented the new material of H13 Tool Steel, which is also known for use in the tool and dye or injection mould industries. Very durable and hard material; perfect for printing moulds.

Hard Metal

  • The ability to print in Hard materials such as H13 Tool Steel
  • The ability to print in Tough materials such as Gr23 Titanium
  • Re-coat in like materials with different materials

Re-Coating Parts

  • Coat existing surfaces with harder materials for impact or bearing surfaces
  • Printing in 316 Stainless Steel provides the option for external plating (ie: gold plating, chrome plating etc) either for aesthetics or added surface durability


  • Create super strong geometry’s that were previously not possible
  • Print in Hard and tough materials such as H13 tool steel, Titanium and Inconel 718
  • Print components for existing parts to provide an advantage

Projects Examples

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