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Refined Intricate Strong metal 3d printing

Amiga is accredited to AS9100D for Aerospace, Space and Defence clients, and ISO9001:2015 for all other manufacturing.

In military developing the right equipment is a matter of life and death. Additive manufacturing offers super fast prototype production that allows better and faster testing to deliver more reliable military components.

Additive manufacturing allows the creation of parts in a matter of hours, allowing military equipment to have the least down-time possible.

Cutting edge technology gives our soldiers a crucial advantage on the battle field. Additive manufacturing is being used in a large range of military applications from state of the art weaponry and armour to high tech surveillance drones. Additive manufacturing gives super-fast part turn around as well as the ability to develop and adapt components to the military environment.

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Benefit of Metal 3D Printing for Defence

A perfect solution for light weighting parts/components. Being a soldier, carrying all the essential equipment in your back pack; can weigh up to 40kg, not including the waist pack filled with other components, any sort of light weighting would be supportive in ease of maneuverability. Weight can be reduced with metal 3d printing by shelling out solid sections and inserting lattice structures that still keep the strength integrity.

Another benefit of metal additive manufacturing for defence is being able to easily manufacturing complex components. Cooling channels and unusual designs can easily be printed – using Amiga’s DMP technology produces fit-for-purpose and end-use parts with minimal clean-up and finishing of parts.

Metal materials available with Amiga Engineering are:

H13 Tool steel, 316L Stainless, Inconel 718, Gr23 Titanium and Alsi10mg Aluminium.

If any post processing is required, Amiga has a large in-house capability within the CNC machine shop – including 5-axis machining, welding/fabrication, stress relieving and other CNC technology.

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