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Custom Automotive Printing

See how 3D systems is helping companies like Kingdig it Design create incredible one off parts.

Refined Intricate Strong metal 3d printing

Additive manufacturing can provide a wide range of production and design solutions in the automotive world.

Allowing engineers to create and deign components in a way that were not before possible. Additive manufacturing can create parts that are lighter, stronger and more durable.

Making 1 off parts faster then conventional machining, can give massive advantages in testing and product development, as well as limited run production parts.

Weight Reduction

  • Create hollow sections inside components
  • Make internal low-density structures in fill areas that do not need to be solid
  • Use less material by eliminating where it is not needed; even in hard to reach or see places
  • Create parts more suited to the requirement
  • A greater flexibility in materials eg. Lighter or stronger

Manufacturing speed

  • Faster one-off item productions
  • Fast turn-around for design concept
  • Faster turnaround for test parts and prototyping
  • Ability to test in different materials and build orientations
  • Low volume custom part capability

Strength optimization

  • A larger range of materials
  • The ability to create ribbing or structures in places where previously not possible
  • Component geometry better suited to their conditions
  • Faster prototype production for better product development

Projects Examples

1932 Ford T bucket –

We 3D printed Snake Air cleaner tops for this show stopper out of Titanium on our DMP Machine.

Metal 3D Printing in Motorsport and Why Car Makers are Embracing it.

The racetrack is the ultimate proving ground for 3D printing. Tried and tested on the racetrack, technology then makes its way back to production cars which we drive today.
The motorsport industry generally deals with high-volume parts and with the increasing need for parts to be replaced quicker and more efficiently this is where the added advantage of 3D printing steps in allowing a laser to fuse an extremely thin layer (less than 0.1mm) of super-fine powder which is capable of producing incredibly complex objects from a range of materials to a very high quality allowing a faster development time, reduces the cost of tooling development, and optimizes weight and part performance of production parts.
Here at Amiga Engineering in our Metal 3D facility we provide DMP (Direct Metal Printing) and SLM (Selective Laser Melting).

Additive Manufacturing materials allow for

  • Total freedom and no limitations in design (Design For Functionality instead of Design for Manufacturing)
  • Creation of mock-up for assembling, fitting, and functionality;
  • Production of parts for performance tests; and reduction in product and project realization timing.

Example: French hypercar builder Bugatti has created a titanium brake caliper using a 3D printer.
It claims to be the first manufacturer to have created one using printing technology.

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