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Refined Intricate Strong metal 3d printing

Other than enduring some of the most extreme environmental conditions, Aerospace parts need to be light and strong. To create parts like this, takes very specialist materials and machinery

In a demanding industry such as aerospace, additive manufacturing offers the cutting edge in component manufacture capable of creating very complex parts in some of the most exotic materials

With thousands of hours of research and development in every part, the aerospace industry settles for nothing but the best.

Additive Manufacturing allows faster testing, better geometry’s and low volume production. Perfect for the high demands of todays aerospace industry.

Aerospace 3d printing
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At Amiga, we harness the power of the latest precision additive manufacturing technologies in an end-to-end workflow to manufacture complex regulated Aerospace, Defence, and Space components that are lighter weight and better performing at our state-of-the art facility in Melbourne Australia

Applications in defence


  • Lightweight Aircraft Components with Scalmalloy
  • Enhanced Defence Structures with increased strength, reduced weight
  • Improved durability with resistance to specific environmental factors
  • Spacecraft Innovation with reducing weight for increased payload capacity
  • Aerospace Advancements Using Scalmalloy Technology
  • Scalmalloy: A Space-Grade Material Choice – withstanding harsh conditions including extreme temperatures and radiation while maintaining structure integrity
scalmalloy 3d printing

Applications in defence

w-45 tungsten

  • Hot-leading edges and nose-cones for hypersonic vehicles
  • High-density armour-piercing projectiles.
  • Radiation shielding for sensitive equipment.
  • Aircraft and missile components reinforcement.
  • Robust artillery and tank parts.
  • Precision Aerospace counterweights.
tungsten 3d printing

Why Choose Additive Manufacturing for Aerospace components?

Enhanced mechanical properties enabling: 

Weight Reduction, Lattice structures, Optimized designs, Durability

Complex geometries enabling:

Part Consolidation design, Reduced part count, Stronger structures, Generative design, Enhanced fluid flow, Lattice structures

Direct from CAD process enabling:

Streamlined work flow, Fast part iteration, Fast part customization, No tooling, No programming, Simple setup

metal 3d printing

Create stronger parts through better part geometry

Metal 3D Printing materials available: Scalmalloy, Tungsten (W-45) Titanium Gr23 (Ti6Al4V), Aluminium (AlSi10mG), 316L Stainless Steel, 17-4PH Stainless Steel and more

Fluid Dynamics – Amiga uses CFD software

Light Weighting – Amiga uses Topology Optimisation software analysis to create internal hollows; removing un necessary material, still keeping the strength and integrity of the part

Strength – Amiga’s Metal 3D Printing technology of DMP is just as strong as machining from billet material with capabilities of printing 10um thick layers, the parts are extremely dense

Amiga has manufactured many parts for Aerospace already, using both Additive Manufacturing and CNC Machining. Not only prototyping, but end-use fit for purpose parts.

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AS9100D company
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Accredited to AS9100D for Aerospace, Defence and Space, and with ISO9001:2015 for other industries

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