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Repairs, Installs, Industrial Maintenance and Overhauls – Extra Services with Amiga

Industrial Maintenance

To compliment Amiga’s quality industrial gearboxes and manufacturing capabilities, we also provide client site removal of units and installs. Depending on size and space; Franna cranes will be used.

On-site inspections, industrial maintenance and overhauls are essential to any production line. To help keep down-time to a minimum, Amiga specifically chooses the industrial maintenance contractors that are the experts in the field.

Other service provided specific for industrial gearboxes

How Much Does Down-time and Production Mean to You?

Streamline Your Food & Beverage Production: Expert Equipment Installs & Maintenance Services Await!

Elevate your food and beverage production with seamless equipment installs and expert industrial maintenance from Amiga Engineering. From conveyor systems to production lines, trust us for precision installations and efficient gearbox removals and re-installs. Maximize uptime and productivity in your facility. Contact us today to optimize your operations and ensure top-notch performance.

Expert Equipment Installations, Maintenance, and Refurbishments

– Seamless installation of conveyor systems and production lines tailored to your food and beverage facility’s specific needs.
– Expert removal and re-installation of industrial gearboxes, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations.
– Comprehensive maintenance services to optimize the performance and longevity of your equipment.
– Flexible solutions including off-site refurbishment at Amiga Engineering’s facility for gearboxes and systems, guaranteeing quality restoration.
– On-site refurbishment by our skilled technicians, addressing issues promptly and efficiently to minimize downtime.
– Trustworthy service delivered by our experienced team, dedicated to enhancing your facility’s efficiency and productivity.

equipment installs
site maintenance

Application and Industries

Working in a range of industries, having knowledgeable and experience people visit your site is essential. Amiga provide only the best suited for the job.

Amiga is experienced in manufacturing for almost every industry, with Quality assurance of AS9100D for Aerospace, Space and Defence clients and ISO9001 for all other industries and companies.

Amiga provide manufacturing and maintenance solutions including:

Food and Beverage conveyor and production lines

Emergency machining for Quarries, Mining and Oil & Gas

Water treatment plant Aerator gearbox refurbishments of our own brands and any other brands

Equipment and machinery inspections on-site

On-site removal of equipment/machinery to bring back to Amiga to refurbish

Pump systems and pump unit overhauls

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