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I’m Old, But I’m Not Obsolete

July 28th, 2015

Hello World,

Dee here, hope everyone has had a good beginning of the week so far? I was thinking about the movie Terminator Genesis the other day, hubby and I took our little treasure to see it at Imax, Carlton just over a week ago. It was fantastic! Classic Arnie and his line “I’ll be back” was used again, and it was brilliant! The storyline was great, and I liked how it intertwined with all of the original Terminator movies; it made everything fall into place, to get ready for the next one!

classic arnie

I love Arnold Schwarzenegger’s new line, “I’m Old, But I’m Not Obsolete.” It was an impressive new line that I’m sure will be used for years to come. I was thinking about that comment last night, and it actually fits perfectly into our industries in Australia today. Many companies are old, and have been around for a long time, however because they are old, it does NOT mean they are obsolete.

Aussie products may be slowly becoming a lost art, and could be heading towards becoming obsolete, because Aussie brands, companies and products are not receiving as much support as they/we should be. Even the Terminator can see this coming. Are we heading to a future where “alien” imports are going to be the only product around, because Aussie goods will be rendered obsolete? If our country sticks to the path that we are on, obsoletion will be our future. What a terrible idea, how can we change this? How can we fix this? How can we keep the future of Aussie products and companies alive for a brighter outcome for our children?

We can follow a few simple ideas thanks to Arnie:

I’m Old, But I’m Not Obsolete“: This fits perfectly with our Australian Made & Owned brand of Genat and Wood™ Pty Ltd gearboxes – Genat and Wood™ have been around since 1976, our gearboxes are still around on their original sites and running – they may be old, but they have lasted all this time and are still doing a great job! So why would you opt for a cheaper, smaller, fragile and different branded gearbox? Why wouldn’t you repair the gearbox you have with replacement parts instead, or swap with a genuine Genat and Wood™ replacement gearbox? You know Genat and Wood™ will run for another 30 years!

I'm Old, But Not Obsolete

I’m Old, But Not Obsolete

I’ll Be Back“: This fits perfectly with Genat and Wood™ gearboxes, because many past customers did not realise that Genat and Wood™ are still alive and kicking. So to them, we did come back! Support the Aussie goods around you, and support your Aussie companies around you, while we are all still around.

I'll Be Back

I’ll Be Back

Get Out“: Go on, take Arnie’s word for it – get out there, make some noise, let others know that Local Business is not going to crumble, Local Business is standing strong!

Get Out

Get Out

Hasta Lavista Baby!“: Say goodbye to cheap quick buys, and Hello or Welcome Back to longevity and robust Classic Aussie products. Sometimes, if your timeless product is turned down, there is nothing you can do exceptl need to let customers buy the cheapies, so they can realise and learn for themselves, cheapies are not the best quality compared to Good Ol’ Aussie Products.

Again, as Arnie would say:

Hasta La Vista Baby!

Hasta La Vista Baby!

Have a Great Day!

Amiga Engineering™ Pty Ltd supports local business, do you?

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