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What makes Hypersonix, a four-year-old company, unique enough that it beat out so many competitors?

Its Hypersonix scramjet engine can be 3D printed using the extremely hard alloy known as Inconel, with some more exotic coatings for the vehicle’s exposed edges. It uses a mechanically simpler hydrogen system for thrust of its engine, which gives it variable speed control and huge range — a claimed range more than 1,000 kilometers on one kilo of hydrogen. And the complete DART AE system, which has no moving parts, is designed to be reusable.

Hypersonix - AMIGA
3d printing hypersonics

Hypersonix co-founder David Waterhouse told Breaking Defense a year ago that the company had “actually 3D printed a working [hydrogen] scramjet engine,” which may well have appealed to DIU.

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Hypersonix Places Order with Amiga, Says Additive Engineering Will Disrupt Cost of Scramjets

We are thrilled to be an industry partner with Hypersonix Launch Systems, on their first major contract. Our Metal 3D printing technology allows us to manufacture complex components with high accuracy and precision, providing a reliable and efficient solution for Hypersonix’s Launch Systems. We are committed to supporting the growth and success of the Australian Defence industry and local business; and are proud to contribute to this exciting milestone for Hypersonix.

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