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Genat & Wood™ are back in town.

February 25th, 2014

Genat & Wood never actually left, however after touching base with a number of past customers, we have found that many thought we had stopped manufacturing.
Amiga Engineering Pty Ltd would like to take this time to say “Genat & Wood” gearboxes are still being manufactured to this day and are still ‘Reliably Australian’ and are ‘Keeping it Australian’.

Comparing with other gearheads out there, there is little comparison. There are plenty of cheaper options but these are short lived throw away items. The overhung loads and service factors claimed by many reputable companies we are able to outperform. We have found many customers have gone back to the Genat and Wood range as soon as they have found out we are still manufacturing in Australia.

Our Genat and Wood range has been a thriving Australian business for over 40 years and would like to keep our services alive for you. We are currently the only suppliers of Genat and Wood, Varmec and Tramec gearboxes in Australia. Please contact Dee Bourchier, Amiga’s new Technical Sales Manager for Transmission Products at for any of your Genat and Wood, Varmec or Tramec gearbox queries and questions.

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