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Speed Variators

N series – Speed variators The series N mechanical Speed Variators consist of size 003, 005, 010 and 020 with power ranges of 0.18 kW to 1.5 kW are constructed from aluminium. The aluminium housing benefits weight reduction for more convenient applications and transportation, however larger sizes are available and made in Cast Iron for lasting strength. The simple design allows both foot or flange mounting to standard unit, reducing stocking levels and allowing quick delivery. The closed input flange is an integral part of the Speed Variator casing, for easy installation and prevents possibility of oil leaks. IEC B5 motor connections available as standard. The magnetic breather plug maintains a clean lubricant and extends maintenance intervals. The oil bath operation provides high efficiency for noiseless and vibration free running. The unit can operate in both directions, input and output shafts rotate in the same direction. Range of variation 1 – 6. The double extended drive shaft allows easy installation from both sides. Downloads: N series – Speed variators catalogue


Varmec Variator Size VAR 2 is a neat smaller sized Variable Speed Drive. Amiga Engineering has shelf stock available.

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These superb VAR variators drive transmission is by friction between wo components (one made of steel and the other of graphite) that do not require lubrication.

VARMEC Variators are available in 7 size (VAR 2-5-10-20-30-55-75) with speed change ratio of 5:1. Each size is available as either variator only or as a combined variator and gear reducer of 1 or 2 reduction stages in a single monolithic casing. We have the VAR2 in stock ready for our customers.

Variators can be supplied complete with IEC motors (B5 type). Output speed is changed progressively by operation of the control handwheel which is provided with a direct speed position readout. When required, the control handwhell ca be replaced with an electric servomotor with limit switch device. Also, each variator can be supplied with a proximity sensor to provide a display of output speed on a digital guage. Additionally, a digital or analogue converter can be supplied to control the output speed from an external signal.

Input power from 0,12 to 5,5 kw
Output torque from 0,5 to 862 Nm
Speed range: from 7,5÷37,5 minimum to 350÷1750 max with 4 poles motors 1400 rpm.
operating principle

The VARMEC variable speed transmission system is based on the transfer of power, by friction, between the friction cone (1) mounted on the motor shaft and the friction ring (2) mounted on the transmission shaft (5). Pressure between the friction cone and the friction ring is maintained in proportion to the output load torque by means of the dog-clutch cam faces (4). A spring (3) inside the concentric transmission shaft provides a low contact pressure between the cone and the ring durign no-load or idling periods. This allows speed setting changes to be made whilst stationary, this being a major advantage over other types of variable speed drivers, speed variation is achieved by movement of the motor, on guides, by a rack (7) and pinion (6) attached to the control handwheel, or alternatively by an electric speed control system.


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