Shaft Mounted Gearbox

Amiga Engineering™ Pty Ltd are the Australian agents for the Italian brand “Varmec”.

Varmec manufacture Shaft Mounted Gearboxes that can be offered in place of your current/existing unit. If you are price based and are in search of a hollow shaft gearhead, then the Italian “RFV” series may be the solution for you.

The RFV Shaft Mounted Gearbox is part of the superb Varmec series of gear heads with high quality products that are paired with production flexibility and elasticity. With shaft bore capabilities of 25mm OD to 45mm OD

If you are looking for a larger hollow shaft, then the “Genat and Wood” HS2900 series may be more suited. For more information on the HS2900 series contact us.

The new RFV series is available in 2 or 3 reduction stages to allow for a wide range of reduction ratios for maximum efficiency in all working conditions and applications.

The Cast Iron version of the new RFV Shaft Mounted Gearbox is built for longevity, much like the Genat and Wood HS2900 or HS6400 series that we still supply spare parts for. This is the new, unbeatable and superlative option built for your purpose!  Longevity and hard work is what Amiga Engineering Pty Ltd aim to provide for all of our clients.

If you’re looking for a long-lasting and vigorous unit, then this new RFV is a great solution. If Cast Iron is not your cup-of-tea, or it doesn’t quite suit your requirements, then it is also available in Aluminium.

Australian Made option still available

The Australian Made “Genat and Wood” brand manufactured by Amiga Engineering ensure maximum efficiency in all working conditions.

The HS2900 series is still available with spare parts, refurbishments and new units. All new HS2900 series by Amiga have a 5 year warranty.

Perfect for low turning output speeds of 11RPm with an IEC D132 input, or higher output speed of 400 RPM with IEC D160 input.

80 mm Dia hollow output or 60mm Dia hollow output available. If you have a custom site requirement with a different hollow output bore, contact Amiga for pricing and lead times.

Perfect for the wine industry, mixer applications or cooling towers; that require a durable and resilient use.

hollow output gearboxes

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