Most pumping applications require a high standard of equipment that will work efficiently for long periods without maintenance or interruption. Typical uses include the oil and gas industry where a consistent and reliable flow is essential, water treatment and supply that people rely on and sewage treatment that is essential for good health.

Crucial to the operation of pumping equipment are pump gearboxes. These are required to work efficiently for long periods without maintenance or failure because any interruption to flow can have catastrophic consequences.

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The Most Reliable Pump Gearboxes In Australia

A gear pump displaces fluid at a constant rate through the meshing of the gears. It pumps a set volume of fluid for every revolution and is required to do this for long periods, often years at a time, without stopping. Although one of the most common types of pump, it is also one of the most crucial for successful operation within key industries. Read More

Consistent & Reliable Pump Gearbox Performance Is Essential

Many industries, particularly oil and gas, are highly regulated and cannot afford leaks or failure that will harm their reputation and also result in severe financial penalties. Therefore the performance of their equipment, including pump gearboxes, is crucial in a world where demand is high and growing. Any failures can lead to unscheduled downtime and losses of production that can result in reduced revenue and profitability, and ultimately to lost customers.

In many industries, pumps are required to operate at extremely high speeds to achieve maximum throughput. They also need to be totally safe to protect the workforce and the environment, and work within specified maximum noise levels.

Many of these high-speed gearboxes for pump industries have to work in remote locations and in very harsh conditions. Because of this, they are difficult to access and so are expected to work at optimum performance levels for many months with little or no servicing or repairs. Some, in fact, are required to operate for several years before a major service or even an inspection is conducted.

High Quality For Great Performance: Best Pump Gearboxes In Australia From Amiga Engineering

At Amiga Engineering services, we understand the need for reliable equipment in a variety of industries. That’s why we manufacture and supply the best pump gearboxes that will deliver high throughput reliably and consistently for many years. High speed pumps operating in remote locations have to be reliable, which means precise and accurate manufacturing from top quality materials

Buying cheap gearboxes can provide a short-term saving but is a false economy if it leads to failure that causes a loss of production and disappointed customers. We have AS9100D accreditation for the aerospace and defence industries and, although this may not be relevant to you, it means we understand quality requirements especially in manufacturing of our products.

Every product is built to last, unlike many cheap imports. It also benefits from stringent quality control procedures that identify and correct any weaknesses before they leave the factory. Consequently, you can be sure your industrial gearbox will keep working, consistently and with minimal maintenance, so your pump will operate without interruption and a reliable flow is assured. Read Less

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