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Parallel Gearbox

The Italian brand “Tramec” offers a Parallel gearbox for applications that require the input to be parallel to the output. The “Z” series is a solution which involves the electric motor/input side to be on the same side or opposite side as the output, but still parallel in mounting.

For heavy duty and industrial applications, the Tramec “Z” series is chosen due to the cast iron exterior, faster turn around time than other overseas brands on the market.

Working with a local company such as Amiga means that you deal directly with a local manufacturer and company that are here to assist and help

tramec z series
parallel gearbox

Australian Made Parallel gearheads

The old “Genat and Wood” parallel series known as the GW3-180 are still available and are made to order. Refurbishing your existing GW3-180 may be more viable, so spare parts are still available manufactured by Amiga.

Motomeccanica Larger Parallel gearheads

Motomeccanica are another Italian brand that Amiga have chosen to be agents for due to their custom made capability. The only brand globally that will manufacture a custom one-off large reduction gearbox to suit your project.

Motomeccanica also have a shelf series of parallel gearheads their “Tork” series. Available in 1, 2, 3 and 4 stage reductions. In various sizes ranging from output shaft diameters of 70 mm up to 390 mm dia as a standard.

The brand is well known across Europe, and are supplied by Amiga for large application project enquiries

Enquire about the different brands available

motomeccanica parallel gearbox

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