Mono pump

Mono Pumps

Genat & Wood™ Pty Ltd have worked with many companies from the Pump Industry including other OEM’s. Mono™ Pumps were built on the heritage of the progressing cavity pump principle: a single helix rotor that revolves eccentrically inside a double helix stator, creating a continuously forming cavity as it rotates. This design is complemented by our Genat and Wood™ Pty Ltd branded gearboxes.

You can find many of our Genat and Wood™ gearboxes attached to Mono Pumps all around Australia, and world wide. Amiga Engineering still supply replacement Genat and Wood™ gearheads, pumps and spare parts specific to the “Mono Pump” application.

Lookout for this Mono™ stamp on your pump.

You can find Mono™ Pumps in Sewerage systems, Solar Powered Pumping systems, De-watering applications and many more. Genat and Wood™ gearboxes are renowned for their robust, longevity and sturdiness, which is complimented by the strong high-quality Mono™ Pumps.

If you need a replacement Mono™ Pump with Genat and Wood™ gearbox, contact us now at Amiga Engineering™ and we can work with you in providing the best quality gearbox and mono pump to suit your application.


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